Monday, June 22, 2009

Just a quick update

Well, I don't have much time, but I thought I should post a quick update.
We are now up at UVa medical center in Charlottesville. They just weren't getting any closer to giving us answers let alone solutions down in Roanoke, so Avery came up to UVA by ambulance on Saturday morning. She was having a pretty good moment when they left, so she was able to enjoy the ambulance ride until she fell asleep, so that was good :)
We are not yet any closer to a diagnosis, and Avery is so sick of being poked and prodded. As of this morning she is on her 4th IV, and it was so sad to see them doing it. I told her they had to do a new one because the old one wasn't working any more, and she kept on saying "No, it's working! I'm finished!!" She was so upset. She's got to the point now where she starts panicking a bit whenever a nurse or doctor comes in to the room, and she will still tell us when she's hurting (which is almost constantly now), but if anyone else asks her how she feels she says she's fine. I think she's afraid that they'll do something else to her if she tells them she's in pain. Poor girl.
Yesterday they inserted an ICP monitor into her head. Hopefully it will bring us closer to some answers.
We (well, one of us plus Brogan) are staying at the Ronald McDonald house right next to the hospital. What a blessing this place is.
My mother flies in tomorrow to help with watching Brogan so that we can both spend more time with Avery.
Well, that's all I can bring myself to write at the moment. It's just all so frustrating, I wish it was all over and we could take Avery home.


Syme Family News said...

I am glad your mom can come and help with things. I hope Avery isn't too afraid. We love you.

Hedge said...

Only just read your recent updates. Wish there was something we could do. Your Mum is great! You'll all be in our thoughts and prayers.. hope it wont be too long now until answers come. xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh Josephine, so sorry to hear no closer to any answers yet :-( really pray they find out what is going on soon. Sending big Sydney hugs to Avery and your whole family. xx

Stephanie said...

Still praying for you guys! Hope you get answers soon and Avery gets to feeling better.

hamburglar said...

That is so wonderful that your mom could come out and help. I am praying they can find answers soon and you guys can come home.

Darrell said...

Our prayers are with you, hoping for pain relief and answers soon.