Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nothing new

Blah. What a frustrating day. Nothing has changed, and last time we saw a doctor was over 12 hours ago. Yep. Pretty cool. And the best part is that the next step was for Avery to be visited by Dr Wilson, a pediatric neurologist (he's nice - we've seen him a couple of times before) So as the afternoon wore on and we were just sitting around waiting, I asked our nurse (we've had some really great nurses) when Dr Wilson might be coming by, and she warned us that he doesn't usually do his rounds until late. Like, 9:30-10pm late. So that was joyful news. So we waited. Gabe got off work and came and waited with us too. Poor boy is exhausted - Avery (and therefore Gabe) had a horrible night last night with lots and lots of the horrible headaches and fever and screaming, so he went to work this morning on about 2 hours sleep or something crazy like that. Anyway, we waited. We were able to get all the cords and monitors off, and they moved her from ICU to the regular peds unit, and we waited and waited. I asked again about Dr Wilson, and was told again that he usually doesn't make his rounds until really late, so we waited, and another wonderful friend brought us dinner and took Brogan home with her to give him some dinner and put him to bed. Avery perked up again and felt quite well from about 7pm til 9:30pm when she went to sleep. I finally went back out to ask about Dr Wilson's whereabouts at about 10:10pm, because I knew that Brogan would be waking up hungry soon and the only reason I was still hanging around was for this doctor's visit so that I could make sure he knew exactly what was going on. So I went out and asked, and the girl said she would page him and see where he was, but that he usually wasn't still doing rounds quite this late. So she paged him, and I came back out a couple of minutes later and she said "Well...Dr Wilson is actually on vacation, and I haven't heard back from the neurologist who's covering it" And then I talked to our nurse a few minutes later after I got a call to say that Brogan was awake, and she said that she hadn't even seen an order on Avery's chart for a neurologist.
So basically, today we waited 12 hours for a doctor was on vacation and/or a doctor who didn't even know he was supposed to be coming to see us. Joy.


Cassandra said...

I am so sorry, I hope all turns out well for your little Avery. Keep us posted. Try and get some rest. Hugs.....Cassandra

Ginny said...

How frustrating! We went through similar problems when my dad was in the hospital. Miscommunication, people forgetting crucial details, like to order IV fluid, to put on his chart that he was diabetic, letting him go 3 days without so much as a drop of water...(on three seperate occasions) and my mom kept asking nicely, then finally had to scream at the nurses (each time) that they were KILLING him before they'd go get the IV. Then once they got the IV in, but forgot to turn it on, so he went 4, almost 5 days with no nutrients or water. It was torture. My mom finally made a stink again that he was losing consciousness. It's good that you're on top of things, and that you never leave her alone. You're good parents. Go ahead, make a stink, because that is what will protect your little girl!