Monday, June 15, 2009

Quick update...

Well, we've been in the hospital all day again today, and Avery is spending the night in the pediatric ICU. When I left tonight she was feeling and looking a little more like herself, so hopefully she will have a good night. She slept a lot during the day, and was pretty miserable when she was awake. They tapped her shunt this evening, so hopefully tomorrow we'll know for sure whether that's the problem. They just don't really know at this point, but they're keeping her fever down with motrin and keeping her hydrated with an IV, and they started her on antibiotics after they tapped her shunt, and she's definitely perked up a lot since all of that, so hopefully the morning will find her even more improved.
Gabe was supposed to be working a 16 hour shift today, but was able to get off work and meet us at the neurosurgeon's office when Avery was having problems this morning. We got to the doctor's office at 8:30am, and they sent us to the ER, where we stayed until the afternoon when they admitted her to the PICU, and that's where she and Gabe are spending the night. Brogan spent all day at the Dubyk's house - Stephanie is an absolute godsend. I've just been leaving the hospital when I need to breastfeed him, and she has taken care of him so that Gabe and I have been able to be with Avery. What an angel she has been! And tomorrow Gabe has to be at work at 7am, so I will be taking Brogan to the hospital with me - I'll hopefully be able to get there before Gabe has to leave for work. They usually don't let children under 12 into the picu, but I asked Avery's nurse about it before I left tonight and she said it'll be okay if he's only there for a little while since we have to work something out with Gabe going to work and all. So I was going to take him with me and give him breakfast there and then leave Avery for a few minutes to take him over to the Dubyk's house, but then they said that they'll come pick him up so that I don't have to leave Avery alone. Seriously, I don't know how we would have managed this whole thing without them!
I don't know what I'm still doing awake. I need to sleep. I will update again when I can. I would have been doing so from the hospital, but for some reason my palm pilot doesn't like the hospital's wi-fi...weird.


b marie said...

Oh Jo, we love you guys. Hope all goes well, thinking of you all!!

tymothe said...

My love to you and Gabe and especially Avery. Be strong. Lots of love
Michele Shaw
South Africa

Syme Family News said...

Melissa Layman is bringing dinner tonight I think. We love you and hope we can do anything for you.

Paulette said...

So hard for you waiting to find out what will make it right. Thinking of you all. I am glad to see you have good friends looking after you. so often the Lord reaches out to help us through other people, they are such Angels.

Hans said...

We'll keep praying for all of you. Love Daddy