Friday, June 05, 2009

Sorry no pictures

Well, my camera is somewhere around but I'm not sure where, so I'm afraid there will be no pictures of our new house with this post! But I will post some as soon as I locate it :)
I just wanted to write a quick post to let you all know that the move went well and we are loving our new house! Really! It is wonderful. We've been working like crazy to do everything that needs to be done, so we're just exhausted, but it's a great house. Can't wait 'til we've finished though! Gabe went and picked up our new kitchen cabinets today, so hopefully by the end of tomorrow we should have a kitchen!! Can I just tell you how much I'm looking forward to having a kitchen?!! Oh yes, can't wait! And the cabinets look beautiful too! They're all out in the car port right now, and they're so pretty :)
Avery loves the new house, and still gets excited every time we get home :) "*Gasp* Wow! Is this our new home???" She loves it! It's been quite crazy getting her to and from school though, and I'm actually rather looking forward to the last day of school, which is next Wednesday, because then I won't have to be so rushed every day and I will actually have some time to do all the things I've been trying to do!
Brogan is now climbing stairs, which we discovered the day we moved into the new house! We took Avery upstairs to see her new room and left Brogan in the family room, and when we came back down he was 2 steps up! It was scary! And exciting of course, but scary because he was alone and could have fallen down! But he'd never even attempted to go up stairs before, so we didn't think anything of leaving him alone down there! He's not figured out how to go down yet, but he tries. He only has the opportunity when I'm around though because he's still trying to crawl down forwards...not such a good idea. But he's good at going up now! For a few days he'd get to the top and sit down too close to the edge so that he would have toppled over backwards down the stairs if no one had been there to catch him, but now he's doing better at moving away from the stairs before he sits down!
Avery had her lumbar MRI yesterday. She did so well. It was at 7:30am which was actually really nice because it meant that it was really easy to go without food or drink since she was sleeping the whole time she wasn't supposed to be eating, and she's never really been too particular about having breakfast as soon as she wakes up. She wasn't very happy when she woke up, and she didn't want to eat or drink anything for most of the day. It was nice because after her last MRI we had to take her to the neurosurgeon's office before we went home to get her shunt reset, but this time we just had the hospital page the neurosurgeon's office and they sent someone over to the hospital to do it while we were in recovery, so when we got to leave the hospital we were able to come straight home.
Anyway. I'm tired. I'm going to bed. The past 3 or 4 nights Brogan's decided that 4:30am is when our day should start. So goodbye 6pm bed time! Tonight he went to bed at the same time as Avery - 7pm - so hopefully soon we will fix that problem! I'm not the kind of girl that likes to start my morning at 4:30am, so that just won't work for me!!!!
Pictures of the house soon, I promise.


Paulette said...

Well done Brogan for shocking everyone with the new climbing skills! well done Avery for putting up with the joys of hospital visits. and well done to the grown ups for working so hard.
good luck with the kitchen.
Paulette. x

Solviej said...

I can't believe you are living in a house without a kitchen. It must be interesting!!! We closed on our house two weeks ago but haven't moved in yet. We are trying to get things done like painting and new carpet. I know how tired you must be. Home-ownership is hard work:)

Pam said...

It all sounds very wonderful and two very happy children enjoying the delights of new found adventures.I remember teaching my children to go backwards down the stairs , the sameway they went up! Nothing really changes.I remember the first time I went up the stairs and what an acheivement it was. Mum wasn't at all pleased . She was quarrelling in the bedroom with my father and screamed at me to go back down! I couldn't understand what I had done wrong, and I certainly didn't know how to get back down! I've spent a life time climbing up things and having trouble getting down! It gets worse as you get older and now I have to ask myself, If you go up there can you get down?. So my adventures are pretty mundane now!
Enjoy your new kitchen. How exciting.Exhausting but exciting.

Valerie said...

Josephine - it will be wonderful for you to have a 'proper' kitchen - the one in the old house was particularly impractical. It sounds as if you've both been crazy-busy. Exciting times.
When will the MRI results come through. I'm so glad it wasn't too traumatic for Avery.
Brogan is such a 'boy' and so, so sweet. He must have been so proud of his first stair adventure. Hopefully he'll master the up and down skills without any falls.
Once, when Avery and I were playing with her many, many balls on the stairs, she nearly fell (I've never moved so fast!) I can still hear her saying, "I nearly falled, Grandma!"
LOADS of love to all four of you,