Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beautiful camera

This past weekend we went up to the DC area to go to the wedding reception of one of Gabe's cousins. I almost backed out at the last minute because I just didn't think it was going to be worth driving all the way up there just for the wedding reception of a relative I'd never met, but I am so glad we went! We went up on Friday evening and stayed with Gabe's cousin Tommy, which actually worked out perfectly because his wife and children were out of town which meant that Avery and Brogan both got real beds to sleep in! We had fun spending time there with him.
Saturday evening we picked up Claudia (our sister-in-law's old au pair) who had agreed to come and baby sit our children while we went to the reception, and then we drove up with Joe, Jess, Tommy and John.
The reception was the fanciest one I've been to in...well, ever really! It was so beautiful! As soon as we arrived I was regretting my decision to leave my camera at home! We didn't have any batteries, because our camera eats through them so fast these days, so I just assumed that someone else would bring a camera, but none of us did, which was such a shame! And that is why this is the only picture I got - taken with my phone.
Anyway, the reception was at the home of the bride's parents, and it was gorgeous! The house was amazing (well, what I saw of it anyway!), and the reception was held in a huge white marquee behind the house, with candle lit lanterns hanging from the ceiling, hundreds of beautiful white flowers and really great live music. Oh, and the food! Sooooooo good!
I find that while I've always quite enjoyed weddings, I just love them especially now that I'm married! Even though this reception was nothing like my own, it still reminded me of my own wedding day, and how happy it was. I loved seeing how happy and in love the bride and groom were because, again, it reminded me of us, and made me remember all over again why marrying my husband was the best decision I ever made. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of raising children, earning a living, paying bills, keeping house, etc etc, but it is a wonderful thing to be reminded of all the reasons why I chose to do all those things with Gabe.
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Anonymous said...

Josephine.You are a delight. I love reading your blog.You write so well.
I'm sure you're asleep now, but about 100 miles from me 4 young ladies have just started their journey to the US and are so excited, what fun you'll have 5 cousins together. Have a wonderful time.Maureen

Valerie said...

You write so beautifully and I love the depth of your thoughts and feelings.

Lisa said...

Just that one cell phone picture shows what a beautiful reception it was.

What a sweet post this was to read. Weddings are a good time to reflect and renew, aren't they?!

SuzanSayz said...

Donald and Lisa's wedding and reception was the most amazing wedding I've ever been to. I can say that with no bragging intended because we (our family that is) had nothing to do. It was all Lisa's mom Holly and Lisa. There is a beautiful old white mansion in town and that was where it was held. Lisa showed up in a horse drawn carriage and it just got better from there. It was just slightly uncomfortable when people were telling Don and I what an incredible wedding and reception it was. I immediately told them that all we had to do was show up. I made sure that Lisa's mom got all of the credit.
I'm sorry I haven't been to your blog lately. As soon as I clicked on your old one it would go blank so I could never get the link to your new blog. I figured it out finally and so here I am. Thanks for the comment on my post btw. I hope it didn't sound like I was throwing too much of a temper tantrum.