Sunday, September 20, 2009


Back in July after Avery got home from the hospital, I took my mother yard sale-ing before she went back to England, and at one of the yard sales I found a little fish tank with a filter for $2. I love bargains! The thing had pink rocks, a pink lid, a pink filter and pink feet, but after I got it home I cleaned it and spray painted all the parts black, and replaced the rocks with nice neutral-coloured rocks, and it looked just great! We took Avery to PetSmart to pick out a fish, and came home with this pretty little orange and white goldfish. Avery and Brogan adore it!

For a little while the fish sat on the dining room table, and Brogan would sit happily squealing at it during meal times. Then the fish moved up to Avery's room for a little while, but that made cleaning the tank a pain, and I think it was a little lonely up there! So for the past few weeks the fish has resided in our front room next to the piano:

I think this is a lovely home for him (I've no idea whether it's a girl or a boy fish, but I generally call it "he"!) Avery and Brogan both go over to talk to the fish every now and then, and I think the soft sound of the water pouring out of the filter is a nice soothing background noise! Recently, I have to admit that I've become quite attached to this fish. I know it's crazy, but a silly little part of me thinks that he gets excited to see me! Whenever I walk by he swims over the the top right corner where I usually give him his food, and in a weird fishy kind of way I think it's super cute! This fish makes me smile even when there's no one else around, and I hate to admit it, but I've caught myself talking to it a couple of times...
Here's the thing though. This poor little fish still has no name!! At first we didn't rush to give him a name because, well, fish often die sooner rather than later, and we didn't want to get attached just to have him die! But now I am attached to him, and I think he needs a name. We asked Avery several times to give him a name, but she says that she doesn't know what his name is. She is adorable with it though - she is now able to pull up to stand next to the fish tank and feed him all by herself (well, I open the food jar for her), and she's so sweet because she'll talk to it like it's a dog and say "Here fish! Come on fish!" and clap her hands softly in a very encouraging sort of way! Then after she feeds him she says "He's eating it! You're welcome fish!" The other day she was talking to the fish and then she looked at me and said "I think the fish is so excited to see me!"
So you see, the fish needs a name.
Suggestions are welcome :)
We'll run them by Avery and let her choose!
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Anonymous said...

I think it's great Avery is so into the fish!

Our siamese fighter fish normally live for about 2 years, so I don't find it silly to name it at all.

How about the name...Hydro?? Sorry really bad at thinking up names!

Paul said...

There was nothing much on the telly, so I thought of names for your fish. How about Babel, Bubbles, or, my favourite, Sushi?

Stefani said...

How cute! I had a chinese fighting fish in college and his name was En Fuego. My brother in Law had a goldfish in college that he named Charleton Heston...

I like Sarah's suggestion of Hydro.

My suggestion is goldlion - I'm sure he's a fighter.

Hans said...

Thank you. Those a couple of great pictures - and great grand kids.

Pam said...

The name that springs to mind is Goldie. Or could be Sunny.
Keep smiling

Bridget said...

I had a brown goldfish in college that lived for like 2 years. His name was phish. i had pink kissing fish growing up named cookie and watermelon and my sister's goldfish were fred and alice. I love pet names.

Jess said...

I got a fish when I was little. I asked my uncle what I should call it and he said 'Jaws'. I being only little didn't understand him very well and so said 'George, that's a great name'. So every other fish I ever had was called George.