Sunday, October 25, 2009

Goodbye Ukrops

Yesterday Roanoke lost it's Ukrops.
I loved Ukrops because the atmosphere was great, and I felt like I was giving my money to a good family run company, the store brand cheddar cheese was better than any of the other store brands in Roanoke, and they've never opened on Sundays. How many stores still observe the sabbath day? Not many. They were also competative price wise, especially their weekly specials. I once stocked up on my canned vegetable food storage for 25 cents a can.
Avery ADORED Ukrops! Who knows why? Obviously not for the same reasons I did, but she really did! It was always an exciting moment when she spotted Ukrops from the van window and realised that we were going to UKROPS! While we shopped she loved running around the store saying things like "Ukrops! My crops! Your crops??" and pointing out all the signs with U's on them. "U for Ukrops and Umbrella!" She loved getting a little snack from the salad bar and LOVED going up in the elevator to the dining area upstairs to eat it!
Goodbye Ukrops! We will miss you! Especially Avery...
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SuzanSayz said...

Ukrops. It sounds to me like a name for something that would have been a part of the old Soviet Union.
In other words I'd never heard of it before.
But it does sound like a marvelous place to shop.
I hate losing unique and/or super cool stores.
And the fact that a grocery store has an upstairs? Wow, I wish I could have visited it a time or two.
Poor little Avery. I hope she can find another place to be excited about. I loved her little sayings expounding on the name too. Clever little girl.

Meriaten said...

I love Ukrops - I miss it. I'm really to sad to see them having not expanding, like I wish they would be able to...

Valerie said...

Oh! I so hate it when independents close down, I do wish more people would use them rather than taking the well-trodden paths to large super-markets. I love Avery's extrapolation of the U-Krops name - a highly developed sense of the building blocks of the English language.

Anonymous said...

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