Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Healing Strides of Va Saddles and Bluegrass Hoedown!!

The week before last we went to a fundraising event for Healing Strides of Va, which is where Avery goes for Hippotherapy. It's a wonderful place, and the people are just great! Avery was quite excited about going, but when we first got there.... was really cold! It was quite cold the whole time we were there, but we did have a lot of fun! This was when we first arrived. Brogan had fallen asleep on the way there, so Gabe stayed in the van with him to let him nap for a few more minutes, and Avery and I headed to the party! We sat and listened to the fun live bluegrass band for a little while, and she liked seeing someone playing a banjo like Daddy's, but then she was just too cold and needed to get moving, so we went for a walk.
Then Daddy and Brogan appeared, and we got some lunch and went to play some games. There were all sorts of games where you had to throw stuff. Bean bags into holes, balls to knock down pins, balls into buckets, ropes onto ladders, etc, etc. It was fun!
Brogan found his girlfriend :) Every week when while Avery's riding, Brogan plays with this sweet girl! She loves him, and he adores her too! It's cute!

Brogan found the dog amusing :)

We went to the petting zoo and saw super soft bunnies, and a giant dog, and a mini horse. Avery got to pet the chickens, and the chicken pecked the sleeve of her coat, which (thankfully!) she found quite hilarious and not scary!

The baby cow moved every time I tried to take a picture!
Brogan observing the chickens....

Someone came up with the idea of sitting him on top of the chicken cage, but of course all Brogan wanted to do was stick his little worm-like fingers inside...he didn't get to sit there for very long!

We won enough tokens for Avery to choose a big prize, and so we came away with this giant bunny and a little wind up furby thing! Both of which Avery adores :) Brogan likes the furby, but doesn't seen too interested in the bunny. Can you tell that they were exhausted???
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SuzanSayz said...

I LOVE that Avery laughed when the chicken pecked at her sleeve.
Children are just so darn unpredictable. You think that they are going to love something and they don't. And then you're afraid that something will bother them and instead they laugh their sweet little heads off.


One of God's most wonderful creations!

Josephine said...

I know!! I was waiting for her to start crying after the initial shock, but instead she started laughing!!

Gloria said...

I love seeing all the experiences you all are having. Thanks for sending them.

Katy said...

I really want to get Charlie on a horse one day, but they say he can't do it until he's a little older. oh well.

So funny about the chicken. Charlie's like that with big dogs. I think he's going to hate them, but he doesn't mine the rough-housing at all.

Kristen said...

I laughed at Avery's reaction to the chicken, and I laughed when I saw the giant bunny sitting in the backseat between the two kiddos. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great fundraiser for such a great cause!
Loved the pics!

Eveymartine said...

That looks like such fun! I'm glad Avery had a good time.

Eveymartine said...

I'm glad Avery had such a good time. She is sooo sweet :-)