Thursday, October 22, 2009


I am going to yet again attempt to get back on the blogging horse! I don't know why it's been so impossible to find the time recently!
I've been making Avery's halloween costume these past couple of days. She is going to be a bird, and she is so excited! She tells anyone who asks! On Monday night I made the head, and when I showed it to her yesterday morning she was ecstatic! She insisted on wearing it all morning, and I had to keep on carrying her around so that she could flap her wings and fly! Here she is playing with Brogan on our bed.
I lvoe this picture because it shows how they're starting to get to the stage where they can play together nicely. Sometimes! Brogan just adores her, but he is a rough and tumble boy, and hasn't learnt to be gentle, and Avery struggles to deal with that. She's not really physically capable to get away from him when he wants to "play" with her, especially if she's trying to keep a toy to herself because it's obviously much slower to crawl with something in your hands. But she is generally very good and sweet with him! The other day she was sitting on the couch with him, and Brogan started kicking her, and she was saying "No kicking Brogan! No! Stop it!" and then she raised her hand as if she was going to hit him, and just held it there and looked at him as if it was all she could do to not whack him, and she didn't! I was so proud of her. A couple of days ago I came downstairs to the family room to find Brogan happily playing with toys in the area behind the couch, while Avery was lying on the floor looking so sad and sorry for herself. I asked her what was wrong, and her eyes filled up with tears as she said "Brogan hit me" It was so sad. But again, I was so proud of her because she didn't retaliate. She is such a sweet girl. We're working on getting Brogan to play nicely, but of course, he's only 14 months old so he doesn't understand yet. Also, I don't think that he hits to be mean most of the time, a lot of the time he just does it out of excitement. Sometimes he really does do it because he's angry, or he wants her toy, or he thinks she's trying to take his toy.... I've always sort of worried that Avery will have a hard time standing up for herself, but with Brogan I have the opposite concern - I'm pretty sure that we'll have our work cut out for us trying to keep him from being a bully...!

Brogan really does adore his big sister though! And because of that, it's been a breeze getting him to start brushing his teeth! After watching Avery stand up on her step stool and brush her teeth, he started insisting on doing it too! It's pretty adorable to see them both standing up there together on their little step stools :) If she's standing next to him, he will stand there and brush his teeth next to the sink too, but if she's not there then he takes his toothbrush and goes wondering around the house with it, and then I can't find it.
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Lisa said...

That bird head is ADORABLE? I can't wait to see the rest of the costume :)

Anonymous said...

Your children are adorable.

Hope you will come over to my blog for more Halloween fun next week.


SuzanSayz said...

Sweet little Avery. What a dear and understanding sister she is. I'm sure that her love and patience will pay off and there will come a time when her little brother will happily become her protector.

Valerie said...

I am in Grandma heaven and, if I weren't so very tired, would be ecstatically commenting on every individual picture. As it is could I beg of you that you put lots of this on the Family site - please please please and also, please sign me up to your blog so I can comment directly onto that. Thank you darling - I'm going to collapse in a heap.
Love you so much, you have the most beautiful children in the world.

Eveymartine said...

I love the bird head and Avery is so cute!
It is really sweet how different they are but also how they are learning to adapt to one another. It is lovely of Avery to be so patient and not retaliate and I'm sure Brogan will learn to be gentle. At least you will not have to worry about Avery standing up for herself - Brogan will do it for her! ;-)