Sunday, November 01, 2009


Ward Trunk-or-Treat
This year for Halloween, Avery was a bird! We came up with the idea weeks and weeks ago, because Avery flaps her arms a lot, and sometimes when she realises she's doing it she says "Look! I'm a bird flying away!" and she points up to where she's flying :) So I asked her if she'd like to be a bird for halloween, and she loved the idea :)
Brogan was a puppy. He is already the recipient of hand-me-downs....I didn't have time to make 2 whole costumes, so he got Avery's cat costume from 2 years ago, and I made a black hood with dog ears on it.
However, he was not a fan of the hat. We were lucky to get even one photo of him wearing it since he just wouldn't tolerate it! Notice that Avery is flapping her wings in this one :)
It was raining, so the trunk-or-treat was in the hall!

Avery flying!
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Brogan's make up did not last long, and he ended up looking like some sort of zombie. Also, he HATED having it wasn't worth it!
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For the real trick-or-treating Avery and I decorated her toy shopping cart to double as a candy basket and a walking aid!
It worked even better than I imagined it would!! She was so excited about it, and she thought it was so fun to walk around with her shopping cart! I think it also helped that she was involved with the decorating of the cart - she helped me stick on the bats and the spiders and the pumpkins - and one of the pumpkins was drawn and coloured by none other than Avery herself, and she also watched me put all the cobwebs on it. I think all of that had a lot to do with the fact that she was so excited about using it!
The cane would have been too much work. On the uneven pavement she would have had a hard time, so I would have had to hold her hand, and she wouldn't have been able to look around and enjoy herself because she would have been having to concentrate on not falling over.

We went to our old street to trick-or-treat to see old friends and show off our children :)
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A video showing what a good job Avery did with walking with her halloween cart!
So proud :)


Tyler said...

I love the bird costume. Very cute and creative. I love the picture of her "flying". The shopping cart turned out good and she walks really well with it.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Sherri said...

such cuties!! I especially love the photo of Avery flying :)

Lisa said...

First of all, I love her costume!!! I bet she'll keep on wearing it even though Halloween is past.

Second, I love your idea to use a small shopping cart as a candy collecting basket! I'll have to remember that when the day comes that Elisabeth is learning to walk. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos and video, Avery walked very good with her trolley!

David said...

happy halloween!