Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jumping and Sliding

We've been having some lovely warm days here in Roanoke recently, so we've been taking advantage of it while we can!

I like how Brogan laughs when Avery falls down, and then how he falls down too. He really does love his sister and wants to be just like her. It's very cute :)

Brogan is just figuring out how to go down the slide by himself, and is quite proud of himself for it! He still sometimes gets himself stuck in positions that my body can't even get foot at the top of the slide and one at the bottom...but he's getting better and better at doing it! Avery is of course a pro, and likes being able to show Brogan how to do things he can't do.


Valerie said...

These are so lovely, I too love the way Brogan tries to copy Avery falling down on the trampoline. He's very lucky to have such a sweet big sister.

Kristen said...

Your kids are so delightful to watch. I love the videos!

It sounds like Avery and Cayman are much alike. Cayman too has a sensitive stomach. She is congested and sometimes just the sinus drainage is enough to bother her stomach. I think that is all this time was for her. I'm grateful for that.

SuzanSayz said...

Thank goodness for children at play.
It's comforting to know that there are still all of these little pockets of innocent happiness throughout our world.

Hannon! said...

They make a good team! Avery is such a good big sister for showing the way and Brogan is a wonderful little brother who is full of wonder and curiosity!

They are adorable!

Tony said...

It's almost like being there ... but not quite.