Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I've decided that maybe this will be a video week for our blog.
I've been trying for a long time to get a good video of Avery singing.
This is actually quite the task, since most of the time she will not sing on demand, and she certainly will not sing if there's a camera anywhere near! So I had to be sneaky to get even the little snippet you're about to watch!

First off, a few reasons why I love this video clip:
  • That high pitched little voice she does is adorable, and is the voice she uses when she's having pretend conversations with her toys, or for any imaginary play. So cute!
  • The way she stops as soon as she spots me in my hiding place with my camera...
  • The way she looks behind her just in case there's any chance I was videoing somebody else!
  • The way she continues to mouth the words but won't sing out loud anymore.
  • Her hands.
  • Her hat. She sometimes rediscovers an old toy or hat or something, and she wore this hat all day for 3 days.
A while ago I watched a really interesting show on PBS called The Music Instinct: Science and Song. One of the things I found most interesting was a small segment where they talked about a link between the corpus callosum and musical ability. They have found that in general, the most talented of musicians tend to have rather enlarged corpus callosums. This is particularly interesting to me because, as part of Avery's hydrocephalus, she has what's called hypogenesis of the corpus callosum. Meaning that it's only really partially formed. So it makes me wonder whether it goes to follow that she will not be the most talented musician. It also makes me wonder whether some kind of music therapy would be beneficial to stimulate that damaged part of her brain...an interesting thought....


SuzanSayz said...

That is just too precious. Darling little Avery.
I love how Brogan just sits there drinking his bottle. Business as usual for him.
I've got to say I agree about the musical thing. They have done studies and found that introducing children to music (particularly teaching them to play it) helps build the part of their brain responsible for math and logic. I know that Elisabeth loves it when Lisa sits at the piano with her and lets her hit those keys.

Paulette said...

Music theropy could be fun!
I love her singing!
Athena would love to be able to sing one day, her words come out so slow at the moment but we are learning the words to songs so we are ready when she finds her voice. she knows Articles of faith 1,2,3 almose all the way through with just a bit of promting.
Music is good for the soul I love it!
And if our children's brains benifit too then all the better.

Pamela said...

I love the video. Such a crafty Mother! Music lifts the spirit so play on!
Katie was also a 'hat' child. She loved wearing hats and bonnets when a toddler.

Anonymous said...

Great Video! I love music therapy!

Marie Giles said...

I love this. How interesting, your train of thought, you could be right about music therapy.

Valerie said...

I so love this, Avery really does have the sweetest singing voice but, as you say, is very shy of sharing it. Also, I've noticed when travelling with her in the back of the car, she is extremely particular about what tracks of music she likes and what she doesn't so she obviously has a sensitvie ear when it comes to music. Knowing you, my darling, you have already started looking into music therapy. I notice, by the way, that Brogan appears supremely unaware of anything that's going on! I love Avery's fashion sense, it is unique but all her own.

Evey said...

She is so lovely, I too love the way she looks behind just to see if there is anyone else there. It's lovely that the girls know your children so well now, and recognise their voices and little laughs etc.

Tony said...

Very cute indeed.

I believe that Fintan also used to shout "7" at his father to listen to his favourite track and then shout "louder" and "faster."

Eveymartine said...

She is too lovely for words! I can't wait to see her :-)