Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

We spent a lovely relaxed morning together at home, and then had a super fun afternoon and Christmas Eve dinner at our friends the Dubyks' house.

The only thing I had to make for Christmas Eve dinner was the bread! Avery kept me company while I worked in the kitchen. She is definitely technology-savvy - Gabe has a Droid phone and Avery knows how to find and play all her favourite games all by herself. So she sat (crossing her legs beautifully, I might add!) on our lovely new kitchen counter-top and played games while I made the bread rolls :)

Once we were at the Dubyks' house, Brogan had so much fun playing with some bigger boys who could handle a lot more rough-housing than Avery :)

The food was delicious and I don't think I was the only one who ate too much ;)

Avery of course preferred mostly to play by herself...
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...although she did enjoy a little bit of time playing with her friends :)

The little ones made sugar cookies for Santa...some lost interest a little earlier than the others when the Daddies started playing video games, and then we lost all of them once Gabe pulled out the remote controlled helicopter!

All the children got to open their Christmas Eve present...and they all got pajamas! Brogan was more interested in Jack and Alex's presents...they had bows :)

Avery got a whole "Snoofy" pajama set complete with slippers, hairbrush and sleeping mask!
A little surprisingly, she loved the sleeping mask!

I knew she would love the Snoopy PJs - she's been into Charlie Brown since we pulled out the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Christmas DVDs :)
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The party from Avery's perspective :)

Then we tried to get a picture of all the little ones wearing their new pajamas together...
A little unsurprisingly, we discovered it was practically impossible to get 5 children ages 3 and under to all sit together on the couch long enough to get a picture!
Finally we sang a song (Christmas bells are ringing) and I managed to get just one single picture where they were all sitting still :)

Jon read the Christmas story from Luke, and then we all went home :)
Brogan was exhausted after all the excitement of having 3 big boys to play with all day, so he was fast asleep long before we got home, so Avery was the only one to sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn:

Once Avery was in bed, we read her The Night Before Christmas and said goodnight to a very excited little girl :)

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Marie G said...

A beautiful narrative to accompany the pictures. I just love the magic of Christmas, we can enjoy the real meaning and have fun.

Eveymartine said...

I love Avery's pyjamas and her pose!
I noticed the lovely cross-legged sitting - beautifully done!

Anonymous said...

This time last year I was with you (minus the snow!) and revel in the memories even now. What a perfect Christmas Eve and isn't it so much fun as your children grow older and really appreciate all the fun and excitement?

Valerie said...

I absolutely ADORE the pictures of the children on the couch - hysterical and so much fun. I notice Avery, being the only girl and a little less ambulant, is the only one in practically every picture. And wonderful shots of her standing independently too, CLEVER girl, I'm such a proud Grandma. What a gorgeously handsome boy Brogan is, I can see he just blossoms in boy company and, if I'm right, these are the twins whom he got to know very well when Avery was sick in the summer. Josephine, thank you so very much for sharing all these precious times with us.