Monday, December 14, 2009

A Christmas Wish come true!!!

Early last week Avery came over to me with a stuffed pig and asked me if I wanted to say hello to the pig. The Pig (aka Avery) and I had the following conversation:

Me: Hello Pig!
Pig: Oh, Hello Mommy! What do you want for Christmas Mommy?
Me: Hmm, I think I'd like a nice mixer for the kitchen.
Pig: Oh! For the kitchen?
Me: Yes. How about you, what do you want for Christmas, Pig?
Pig: Hmmm, I think I'd like a bar for the wall Mommy!
Me: A bar for the wall?
Pig: Yes, so I can hold onto it and stand up and pull down my pants and use the potty all by myself!

You might think I made that conversation up, but I promise I didn't! I was as surprised by it as you might be! So over the weekend, Santa came early and put a bar up on the wall by the toilet. Avery was so excited!

Santa didn't paint the wood, so I will probably try to do that sometime this week.
This is already helping Avery be a little more independent when she needs to use the potty, but it's still not quite ideal. Both the potty seat and the step stool have to be picked up and moved, and both of them slip and slide a little bit which means that it wouldn't be safe for her to attempt to get up there by herself. She can do it now with just a little bit of assistance, but for her to have any real independence, she needs more stability. At school they have a tiny little child size toilet, and they have a commode thing with handles that fits over the top of it, which means that she doesn't have to climb up at all, and the toilet seat is small enough that she can sit on it without falling in. This isn't really an option at home though, since adults live here too!
In addition to the bar on the wall, we are also going to try this:

I've had my eye on one for a while. Avery is unable to sit independently on a regular toilet since she can't hold her legs open wide enough and balance at the same time. But I don't like that she has to crawl around on the bathroom floor to go pick up her potty seat and put it on the toilet, so this looks like an excellent option! She would just have to flip it down and it would be ready for her to sit her skinny little bottom on! And I imagine it will be more stable since it's built in, and shouldn't slip or slide.

I'm having a harder time finding the perfect step stool. The closest I have found is this:

It's called a Potty Pal step stool, and is designed specifically for helping children to get on and off the toilet. But, if you look at the picture of our toilet, you see that we already have a curved step stool for use in front of a toilet, but it still slips and slides, and this one doesn't really look like it's much more curved than the one we have. I'd like to find something that would really fit quite snuggly around the base of the toilet, so that not only the rubber grip but also the toilet itself would keep it in place so that it doesn't move at all when you step on it. Any ideas?

In other news, Avery's glasses arrived! Doesn't she look adorable?!

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PS. Don't worry, Avery will be getting some fun presents for Christmas!!


SuzanSayz said...

Sweet little Avery. She looks so cute in her new little glasses.
Maybe you have already tried this, but I would get some of that rubberized gripper fabric, you know the kind to put in cupboards or under slippy rugs? I would cut it to fit the bottom of the stool and super glue it on. If it won't work on a plastic one then maybe a wooden one would work. I'm pretty sure that with wood even if it didn't work to glue it on that it could be stapled or tacked. Plus the weight of the wood would also help to stableize it. I hope you can find some way to make it work. I'm sure that things that help Avery be a little more independant do wonders for her self esteem.

Josephine said...

The plastic one does have rubbery stuff on the bottom that's supposed to stop it from slipping, but it still slips...but you're right, a wooden one might be the way to go because it would be a lot heavier than the plastic, so the weight plus some grippy stuff might do the trick...

Lisa said...

She looks ADORABLE in her glasses. As you know, I am partial to children wearing glasses....they are the cutest :)

So glad that Santa could make her wish come true!

Tony said...

Your truimphs are keeping up with the trials. Well done on all of this and everything else.

Have a super Christmas with some fun presents as well.

Kristen said...

That is a sweet conversation. Out loud I said "awww" and Mike goes "everything alright?" not sure if my "aww" was a happy one or sad one. I smiled and said, "Oh yeah, this is really good."

I was also thinking that maybe a wooden step would work better.

Avery looks beautiful in her glasses. Seriously, she looks so cute!

Hedge said...

I know carpets aren't always the most hygienic things in the bathroom, but you the carpety type things that go around the toilet or sink, we have one of those, it's made of lots of little string type bits, and it keeps our step from slipping - hope that makes sense...? Do you get those in the states?

PS the glasses are really cute!

Josephine said...

Yes...I think we might even have one of those bathroom rugs somewhere....that might be a good idea. Although I tiled that bathroom myself and I'm proud of it, so I don't really want to cover it up :) I also installed that toilet completely by myself :)

Hedge said...

That's amazing! Well done you!

AdeleSews said...

Avery is as adorable as her mum :-) xxx

John said...


Can you get Mothercare things over there? - They do steps for tiolets and may post it to you


Marie G said...

Avery is just adorable! If their isn't the fixture that you need is there anyone in the family that could invent one? Brains into gear!

Talitha said...

What a clever and thoughtful little girl you have! She does look cute with her glasses on, does she like them?

Anonymous said...

I just love that Avery is clever enough to think about her own independence. So often when I was with her and we were talking and playing I would just forget that she has any disabilities, it's only when you next look and see her crawling that you remember. The glasses are sooo cute. Overseas Grandma is a proud as can be.

Anonymous said...

Further thoughts on the toilet (Avery will SO appreciate this public discussion when she's twenty!!) could a permanent wooden step be made around the toilet base which is wide enough to be useful for Avery but not so wide to bother grownups? (It could be wider near the bar so she could adjust her steps.) That along with that nifty triple use toilet seat might do the trick.

Carla said...

Avery is one smart cookie! I might have to get a potty seat like the one pictured. Her glasses are adorable:)

Hans said...

That is a good story. Thanks for sharing it.