Sunday, December 20, 2009


I don't remember ever seeing enough snow to build an entire igloo! But yesterday that is what Gabe did for Avery :)

She liked it. A lot! :)

Gabe was hoping that he might be able to build it tall enough to have the entire lamppost inside so that there would be light inside :)

But it is still pretty huge!
Avery was especially excited about it because there is an episode of Kipper (which she watches via netflix on our xbox) where Kipper builds an igloo, and she likes to pretend that she's building igloos, so it was so exciting for her to see a real one :)

Brogan wasn't such a big fan. He liked stomping about in it for the first few minutes when we went out in it on Friday afternoon and it was about 5 or 6 inches deep, but then he fell and left a perfect little face print in the snow, and now he hates it!!
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AdeleSews said...

Brogan will enjoy it soon enough, what fun! I love to read your stories :-) xxx

Maureen said...

Lovely, lovely.Do you think the temple president would mind if we built an igloo on the temple grounds?? We've been fascinated studying all the animal tracks, fox, badger, deer etc., no mountain lions yet! Love to all.xx

Marie G said...

How exciting to have your own igloo! Avery will never forget this winter I'm sure. The igloo is huge, I presume those feet belong to Gabe! What happened to global warming?

Valerie said...

These must be the most delightful pictures ever, lucky Avery to have a Daddy who will build for her an igloo of her own - and big enough for him to climb inside too! Josephine, I think you have the images for next year's Christmas card. Poor Brogan; all I can say is, with his beautiful looks, the face print would have been perfect indeed.

SuzanSayz said...

Many years ago when we had tons of snow and it stayed around for a little more than a month, (yuck) my son Donald (he of the Donald and Lisa fame.snicker) Went out to the edge of our yard next to the street and made himself a huge snow fort. He spent most of Christmas break in that thing. I was always scared that;
A. it would collapse in on him or
B. a car would slip on the icy road, lose control and crash into his fort, while he was inside.
Fortunatly neither happend.

I'm thrilled for Avery to have her own little igloo.

Aaaaaaannnddd, I got the cookies! They are DELICIOUS! Thank you SO much!
love susan

Eveymartine said...

Fantastic! I love the igloo and I can imagine how excited Avery is about it. Lucky girl!

Hannon! said...

That.Igloo.Is.AWESOME!!! How cool is Avery's Dad for building it for her!!!

Poor Brogan for falling into the snow - hopefully he won't hold a grudge with snow for a long time.

Josephine said...

Yes, those are Gabe's feet...but if you look very carefully you can even see his face :)

Evey F said...

Ahhh there he is. I do like hidden picture games. A fantastic igloo!

Lisa said...

That is AWESOME!!!!!