Saturday, January 30, 2010

At long last...

I am finally back! It's been over 3 weeks since I last posted anything, and in case any of you have missed me, I apologise :)
Here's my excuse: I have been feeling absolutely, completely rotten!!
In the best possible way :)
We are expecting another baby the first week of September!
We are all very excited, and Avery thinks it will be a girl :)

I may be a little slow with the whole blogging thing for the next few weeks though. But I hope it won't be long before I feel human again :)

Friday, January 08, 2010

First new accomplishment of 2010

Well, we already have some pretty big news this year!
It might not seem like a big deal to some fact, I know it won't seem like a big deal to most people, but it is exciting progress for us!
Avery has never been able to voluntarily move her toes. She has always seemed to be disconnected to them. We have worked on this in the past, trying to stimulate her by putting her feet into big bowls full of dry rice or beans, but she has never been able to move her toes, or her ankles for that matter. It was like her brain seemed to think that her ankles and feet were made of one big bone instead of 26, or whatever it is.
So when we went to PT on Monday, imagine how surprised we were when we pulled off her socks to try and pop bubbles with her toes, and she moved her big toe entirely independently!!
I got video of it when we went back to therapy this morning.

The idea here was to use her toes to paint pictures and stuff in the shaving cream! We have an appointment this afternoon to get fitted for new braces, and I'm sure they'll be wondering why her feet smell like men's shaving cream...
This is big news, because I think it means that she is finally starting to feel connected to her feet! I don't think she really has before. Of course, she could feel if you tickled her foot or something, but I think that as far as she's been concerned, they've always just sort of been "things", not really a real, movable part of her body. But now she is realising that she can do stuff with them! She can move them and control them! She is also getting better at pointing her feet straight in front of her when she takes steps if you give her verbal cues not to point her toes in.
So far, it is just her big toes, but this is great progress. She seems to find it a little easier to do with her left foot, but she can do it with both. And she can also move her ankles just a little bit to point her whole foot up a bit, although she can't then move her big toe. The higher she manages to point her foot up, the further down her toe points. But it is exciting to see that she is learning new things about her body, and learning new ways to make it do what she wants it to do!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

First post of the year

Well, I've been putting this off because there were a couple of things I wanted to include in this post. One of them being pictures of Avery on her first Sunday with the big kids in Primary at church! But I will just have to add the pictures to this post later when I find the camera....
We have had an excellent start to the year I think! We started out with a New Year's Day celebration with some friends - we went for a walk in the cold and played at the park in the snow, and then we all came back to our house and had hot chocolate with marshmallows, whipped cream and candy canes, and then had chicken and (american) dumplings with warm bread. It was perfect! And I loved having our house filled up with good friends! I love living in a house that I feel comfortable inviting lots of people over to.

In the morning before the walk I thought it was going to be too cold to go out at all, but luckily it warmed up just enough for it to be suitable to a brisk, refreshing walk without freezing our noses off :) Avery did lots of good walking holding one hand and her cane :)

I think there were 24 of us along for the walk, and 27 for the bit back at our house :)

I love this picture :) Brogan loves the freedom of the big outdoors, and he loves the crunchy frozen snow, and he loves other people, so he was a very happy boy :)

I got Gabe to take a picture with me in it, because most of the time I'm the one taking the pictures so I'm never in them! But this is to prove that I was indeed there :) Avery is saying "cheeeeeese!", and Brogan is eating a mozzarella stick from Arby's. (Have you ever tried those things? They're gross. I hadn't realised. Now I know...)
Oh, and do you like my Santa hat?? Once we got to the park, Avery decided that we should switch hats since the Santa hat was too big for her head and kept on sliding over her eyes or off her head while she was yes, I'm stylish... :)
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Trevor and Brogan stood like this for a few minutes....they weren't quite sure whether they wanted to talk to each other.... :)

Serving up hot steaming bowls of delicious chicken and dumplings! (If I do say so myself!!) And notice that Avery is being held by Steve, because told Gabe that she wanted to "give Kayla's Daddy a hug"

I loved having my front room filled up with people like this :)

And my family room filled up with little ones like this :)
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10 points if you can guess what movie they're watching :)
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All in all it was a pretty perfect start to the year, and a new tradition I would like to continue next year!

The first Sunday of the year heralded Avery's transition from Nursery to Primary at church! It was very exciting! We had 11 new little ones come up to Primary this year, so we have two new classes of cute little 3 year old Sunbeams :) I'm lucky enough to be teaching 6 of them every week, including my own sweet Avery, and I can't even tell you what a joy it was to see her sitting there during sharing time singing the songs and doing the actions and wanting to participate! I was so happy and proud! When I first started teaching the Sunbeams last year I had about 5 or 6 of them, but by the end of the year with people moving and boundary changes, I only had 3 regulars, so I am happy to be teaching a bigger group again. And they're so cute! The little ones I taught last year were adorable too, and just sweet little angels who behaved wonderfully (most of the time ;)!!) But one thing I am very excited about this year is that at least half of my new little ones know and sing a lot of the songs we sing in sharing time!! They sang Popcorn popping, Book of Mormon Stories, Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam, Once there was a Snowman, I am a Child of God... and I think a couple of others, and they were enthusiastic and knew all (or at least most of!) the words and all the actions, and it was just adorable!! Although I have to admit that I did find it a little difficult to take my eyes off Avery to watch the other children for more than a few seconds at a time.... My children last year just weren't interested in singing the songs at all!!
Although Brogan isn't 18 months old until the middle of February, he actually went to Nursery for the first time this past Sunday too! Gabe went to another ward for the first hour of church because some friends of ours were blessing their baby, so he didn't make it back before the end of sacrament meeting and I had to take Avery to Primary, so I took Brogan to Nursery and asked them if they wouldn't mind just watching him for 10 minutes until Gabe got there to pick him up, and they said they would love to! (they were looking rather empty, having just lost 11 of their children to Primary!!) And of course, Brogan, being the little social butterfly he is, didn't even blink when I left, and when Gabe arrived to pick him up, he was having so much fun that they insisted on keeping him!! So he was one exhausted but extremely happy boy, and Gabe actually got to go to all his classes for once! Hopefully Brogan won't be too sad when he doesn't get to go back next week....
Avery had one sad moment in Primary when Addie, the little girl sitting next to her, got a little enthusiastic whilst waving her little laminated Sun around and poked her right in the eye with it...she was very upset and when I picked her up and held her on my lap she spotted Daddy who was spying on her from the back door, and then she wouldn't calm down until he came in and sat with her. I was happy that he had been spying though, because he got to see how adorable she was, and how well she did with all the songs :)
Anyway, there were a couple of other things I was going to write about in this, the first post of 2010, but I will save them for next time :)
I hope you are all enjoying the year so far!