Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Avery!!

Our baby girl had her 4th birthday on Valentine's Day! To celebrate we invited some of her friends over for a party! I had asked Avery a few times in the weeks leading up to her birthday what sort of party she wanted to have, and all she needed to be happy was chocolate cake and presents and friends to play with. And she wanted to have it at home! So that's what we did, and she had such a fun time! She was so excited!

I set up the table the night before the party, so in the morning when Avery got up she was very excited to see all the cakes and baloons and hearts! (I loved being able to do a valentine's theme for my valentine's baby!)

While we finished cleaning up the house in preparation for all the party guest, Avery sat in her special birthday chair at the special birthday table and played with the cups and plates :)

We played a game of Pass the Parcel, which I discovered is an unknown game over here in the states, which was odd for me since it was a staple party game when I was growing up! So I had to explain how to play, but the children caught on very quickly once they realised there was candy in between each layer :)

We played the game to the tune of Pennies from Heaven sung by Ella Fitzgerald which is currently Avery's favourite song! Brogan decided he didn't really want to play anymore, and opted to dance in the middle of the circle instead :)
Then it was time for Avery to open all of her presents! She got so much fun stuff! I sort of had to rush her a little bit though because after she opened each present she wanted to play with it, but we would have been there all day...!

Grandma Brogan sent a Winnie the Pooh book complete with stickers...she knows her so well :)

Aunt Kelly made a very cute bag for the birthday girl, and Avery loved it! She's been keeping all her presents in it :)

The last present was a Super Why puzzle complete with magnifying glass to find hidden words! This was the first thing Avery had to do after the party, and she can already do the whole thing by herself! She is a puzzle master! This is a 60 piece puzzle too :)

Then it was time for the cake! Gabe took these videos with his phone, and for some reason it chopped off the end of the song and did something weird to this video....but that's okay :)
Avery's wasted no time taking tiny bites of her cake! Why bother with that when you can stuff the whole thing in at once?!

It was a very happy day! After the party, Daddy had to go to school, and Brogan was absolutely exhausted after all the excitement, so he went and had a nap while Avery played with all her new toys and lamented the loss of her friends! But then in the afternoon, we took Brogan over to a friend's house and I took Avery to see Curious George Live! She loved it, but only for the first hour. Then she'd had enough, so we left! All in all, it was a great day, but both children went to bed early because all the excitement and sugar was just a little much :)
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