Friday, March 26, 2010

Anat Baniel method

This is a picture Avery drew yesterday - she did the whole thing by herself with the exception of the ears, which Daddy drew! I went downstairs to admire it when she was finished, and I said "It even has four feet like a real cat!!" to which Avery replied "No Mommy, cats don't have feet!! They have paws!" Silly me :)
I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we had been looking into some alternative therapies to try out with Avery. One of those that we've been researching is the Anat Baniel method. In fact, it was one of the first ones we started looking at. Several months ago, someone who came across my blog offered to send me a copy of Anat's book Move into life, if I agreed to review it on my blog. I'm afraid I haven't yet reviewed it, but I am very excited about it. The book itself is really aimed towards adults, but Anat does a lot of work with children too, and I have been very interested in that. When I got the book, there were several DVDs which were fascinating, and I made Gabe watch them too. I found a practioner who works in northern Virginia, and we have scheduled Avery to see her 3 times during the first week of May. I am excited to see whether this can help Avery, so watch this space :)
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Katy said...

We do Feldenkrais with Charlie. That AB method is a form of Feldenkrais. I've seen very good results from it. I've been meaning to do a post on it forever now.

Anonymous said...

Great picture!

Interested to hear about these other therapies you are exploring.

SuzanSayz said...

I love Avery's kitty picture and I really had to smile at her correcting you on proper cat anatomy. I hope the new therapy goes well!

Carla said...

I have been wanting to sign Little Man up for Anat Baniel Method for awhile now. The nearest one to me is 3 hours away:( However, there is a Feldenkrais person in Dallas, only an hour & a half away. Will be looking foward to your review. Oh and I LOVE the look of awesomne accomplishment on Avery's face!

Anonymous said...

We have been doing ABM with our son for almost 5 yrs and it's been life changing. Our insurance doesn't cover it so I do fund raiders. It's that worth it to us. I could fill pages with the benefits. Even though traditional PT is completely covered by our insurance- never again will we put our son through that. Feel free to email if you have any questions or want to chat.