Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Afternoon at the Zoo!

On Monday we decided it would be fun to go to the zoo!

It was Brogan's first time, and he was a HUGE fan from the moment he spotted the first bird!

He quite seriously probably could have stayed and laughed at that bird for hours if I hadn't forced him to come and see the goats!
Trying to get the goats to come and say hello to him :)

Avery pointing out the snow leopard resting on a rock.

Brogan showing Daddy the red panda.

We brought Avery's friend Kayla with us, and I think everybody was very happy with that last minute decision :)

The Aviary! This wasn't there last time we went to the zoo, and it was a hit! They absolutely loved being able to see the pretty birds without a cage in the way :)

Kayla was very helpful with Brogan :) When Gabe went of to park the van when we first got there, she obediently held Brogan's had so he wouldn't go running off, and Brogan in return absolutely adored her for giving him the attention! He kept on trying to hold her hand after that :)

You can see from the way he's walking how happy he is! He's at the zoo, he's got his squeaky shoes, and a big girl is holding his hand - does life get any better than this???

I don't think the cougar appreciate our visit very much....

...and this might be why....

This little playground wasn't there last time we visited the zoo either!

Brogan really loved Kayla :)

Then it started raining so we took shelter in the reptile house! Brogan loved the big yellow snake!

And Avery wasn't afraid of them! The first time we took her to the zoo she was probably about 18 months old, and she wouldn't go anywhere near those giant snakes! I remember I was holding her when we walked around the corner, and as soon as she saw them she started squirming and whining, and didn't calm down until she couldn't see them anymore! This time around she found them very interesting :)
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Kristen said...

Zoo pictures have to be my absolute favorite! It looks like you have a really nice zoo near you. I'm excited to take Cayman back to the zoo this year and see how more interactive she might be than she was last year.

SuzanSayz said...

I love trips to the zoo. When I was a child growing up in the Seattle area a yearly (sometimes even more but always at least once)trip to Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo was always a highly prized treat. Back in those days they had a small carnival section with rides. Looking back, I now kind of wish they hadn't. We never got to go on the rides until the very end and because of that I don't think I was ever able to fully appreciate the Zoo the way I wish now I could have. I think a playground is a much better diversion. Not as flashy as rides, just somewhere to run off some excess energy and then go back to the animals.
P.S. The videos were really fun!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a great day!

I had to look twice at that yellow snake to make sure it was indeed behind glass!

Eveymartine said...

This is so amazingly cute!! I love Brogan's squeaky shoes and how much he loves Kayla and the way he
growled at the cougar. And I'm so glad Avery likes the snakes now. What a great zoo and what a fantastic
fun day out! I wish I had been there too x

Josephine said...

We'll take you to the zoo if you come visit ;)

Eveymartine said...

Looking forward to it ;-)

Amy M said...

What lovely photos and children - I wonder if they'll remember us girls.

Josephine said...

Avery still talks about you girls, so I think she'll be very excited to see you!! Brogan probably won't remember you, but I can guarantee that he'll be excited to see you anyway :)

Josephine said...

Sarah - it does look like he's touching that yellow snake, doesn't it??!

Paul B said...

How lucky you are to have a snow leopard. This is one of the rarest cats.

Does Avery realize that her pushchair doubles up as a wagon for all your stuff?!

Josephine said...

And they have such fluffy tails :)
Avery's stroller is very handy! Although if you look I think you'll notice that most of the "stuff" is actually hers and Brogan's! Avery's cane, her cup, her coat, Brogan's cup, and my bag....which is filled with their snacks!!

Paul B said...

It'd be so much easier without children! How will you cope with three?

Valerie B said...

We had such a fun time when we first took Avery to Mill Mountain zoo and, you're right, she hated those snakes. What a lovely day you all had, super to see Kayla with you too. Noah also has squeaky shoes and, whenever we're out walking, we have to stop and stamp occasionally just for fun, it will be such fun to see the Brogan cousins together in less than two weeks time. Thank you so very much for these pictures and the videos, Brogan is such a fun little boy.

Marie G said...

At my great age I would still not like to be that close to a snake of this size!
All of these photos are lovely, I feel we know Avery and Brogan already, having seen so many photos of them. We are so excited at the thought of your visit.