Monday, April 05, 2010

Home again

Avery and I got home yesterday afternoon :) Avery's fever broke sometime during Saturday night and she was finally able to get some fairly decent sleep, besides the weird sleep talking and hallucinating, and having to get up to use the bathroom about 5 times because they had pumped her so full of fluids! And for the first time since we'd got there her heart rate dropped to a nice restful 100 bpm or so, which was nice to see after it had not dropped below 135 before that, even when she was sleeping, and when she was awake it was more like 150-160.
She developed an ear infection on Saturday, but since they had given her a round of IV antibiotics for the fake pneumonia on Friday night, the ear infection seems to have cleared up pretty quickly.
We're still not entirely sure why she spent all of Wednesday throwing up with a high fever and severe headache, since the cough and congestion didn't show up for another 48 hours, but it's possible that she had a bit of concussion, or possibly a migraine as a result of the beating she received at school on Tuesday. The neurosurgeon said that he doesn't think it's likely that the kicking itself caused the smaller-than-expected ventricles, especially since the shunt itself seemed to be in good shape. It's possible that the respiratory infection itself could be the culprit, or it could be that her shunt is over-draining a little bit again, so we'll be going back up to UVa in 3 or 4 weeks so that they can do another MRI and decide whether the setting needs to be changed. Her shunt has been set at 2.0 since last June, and it only goes to 2.5 (the settings go up in .5 increments from 0 to 2.5, so she's at the second slowest setting right now), so if they have to slow down the flow any more after that then she'll need a different shunt. But we'll see what they say in a month.
Anyway, Avery is feeling so much better! When we got home last night she even got down and played on the floor with Brogan, which was nice to see since she hadn't even sat up voluntarily since she started throwing up on Wednesday morning. However, now Gabe and I are both sick. So Gabe is home from work today, and we're all feeling a little sorry for ourselves! But things could certainly be a lot worse, so we're happy :)

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Diana said...

So glad everything seems to be fine for Avery. I think you also addressed the school incident appropriately. I sure hope you and Gabe get well very quickly too!!

Anonymous said...

The psyche and physical elements of our bodies are so finely tuned and, I'm sure, interlinked, so who knows what effect the horrid incident had on such and delicately balanced little girl.
So happy you're home, I'm sure you are both feeling unwell, at least partially, as a result of all this trauma and worry. I'm happy to know that you'll be going up to UVA - them I trust.
Lots of love from this apparently anonymous Grandma.

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! I just got caught up on your last few posts (I've been busy with my sister this week and have fallen behind on blog reading).

I am so sorry that Avery was hurt at school and also sorry that she has been so sick.

Take care :)

Solviej said...

I'm glad to hear your little girl is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are finally home.

Hannon! said...

Happy to hear everything is okay, Sad to hear that everyone has caught the bug. I hope you all feel better very soon.

SuzanSayz said...

I just read all of this and I'm horrified at the thought of some nasty little boy just kicking Avery in the face because he felt like it. I am outraged that something like that would not only happen but that her teachers would try to downplay and minimize how awful it was. I certainly hope that the kid's parents feel bad. I agree with you as well that her teacher pointing out that the level of violence among the boys, rising is a weird thing to say. As though that justifies what happened to Avery. I sure hope and pray that your sweet little daughter hasn't sustained any damage from being so badly attacked. I hope that she and Brogan both start feeling better soon.

Eveymartine said...

I'm so glad that Avery is home and so much better than before. I'm glad
they're keeping an eye on her as
Sorry to hear that you and Gabe are ill now but at least you are all home
together - as you say, things
could be worse :-)
I love you. You are an amazing Mother xxx

Marie G said...

So pleased that Avery is home, sorry you and Gabe are sick, hope you soon feel better, you have every right to feel sorry for yourselves! Love to all

Carole V said...

Glad you are home! Tell Gabe to hurry up and get better ....I cant be running all his calls for him this week! :-P

Gloria A said...

So sorry you all are having these challenges, but like you I know they could be worse. Matthew was here washing clothes and complaining about the weather in Utah being so cold and snowy in the spring and I thought someday he would be happy for that piddly complaint. It is difficult to stay well when your children get sick...stress, no sleep,etc....time to pull out the old ten minute relaxation techniques. My kids would sometimes throw up with fevers and infection, even without pneumonia. Wishing you the best. love, western mom

Paulette said...

Sorry your and Gabe are poorly try and take good care of your selvs so you can get better, we are all thinking of you and are so glad Avery's health is picking up.