Saturday, May 15, 2010

England Trip Week 1

Well, the children and I arrived safely in England on Wednesday morning after a journey which was about a million times better than I had anticipated! Once we were on the plane from New York to London, both children were asleep before we'd even completed take-off, and they both slept until about 45 minutes before we landed! It was great! And a miracle, in Brogan's case. So thank you for the prayers, those of you who knew how worried I was about surviving that night!! They worked! For the 3rd or 4th time in his entire life, Brogan actually fell asleep in my arms :) He's been struggling with jet lag since we arrived, but hopefully that will be all better soon. Avery hasn't had any trouble adjusting, and we've all been having a lovely time so far! It's been almost exactly 4 years since I've been home, so a lot of things have changed, but it's still the same, if you know what I mean :)
Last time we were here, we came over for my little brother Sebastian's wedding, and now he has an adorable little boy of his own who is just 5 months younger than Brogan. Sebastian picked us up from the airport, and we spent a little bit of time with him and his sweet little family before coming to my mother's house, which was lovely. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures (although I know he did so maybe I can get some of those...hint hint!), but we hope to spend lots of time together before I leave, so there will be pictures :)
I was just going to email some pictures to Gabe, but then I decided that if I was going to be captioning photos anyway, I may as well do it on the blog, so here are some pictures from this week.

My grandparents came over the morning after we arrived, which was so lovely! Brogan loved my grandad almost instantly and showed his affection in the usual way by climbing up in his lap, trying to play tug-of-war with him, and/or growling at him like a lion :)

Avery went outside with great-Grandma to show her the swing that Grandma had put in the garden for her! (No pictures of that swing yet, but there will be because she loves that thing!!) It was quite chilly though, so when they came back inside they snuggled up under a blanket and Avery had some hot chocolate to warm up her cold hands!

For lunch today my sister, "Aunt Evey", treated us to fish and chips :) We called it cod and chips though because Avery thinks that only bears eat fish. She loved the crunchy cod, but said "FISH??? Yuhckkkkk!" when I told her that cod was actually a kind of fish, and wouldn't eat any more!!! But she loved the chips too :)

This afternoon we went to a street fayre and flower festival at a little village near here. My cousins Talitha, Natalie and Felicity came with us too, and we had a lovely time. The children loved the pigs, although Brogan's laugh had a touch of hysteria in it when one of the pigs sniffed at his hand!

Avery and Brogan both picked out numbered ducks to take part in the duck race (Brogan actually put about 5 ducks into the bucket before we realised and had to figure out which ones weren't supposed to be in there!) Neither of their ducks won, but it was fun watching them "race" down the little stretch of stream which crossed over the road! Of course, Brogan wanted to go in to retrieve them, and got quite angry with me for not letting him do it....
Avery played a game where she had to knock a can off a ledge with a ball. After a couple of attempts the man was very nice and moved all the cans close together and let her try again :)
She won a fun size Crunchie bar, and loved it :)

On the way back to the car, Brogan discovered the tractors, and of course had to have a go!

Here he is driving one of them....
It was such hard work that he had to make his little strong man face and groan :)
Yesterday we went to a little shop with my mother, grandma and grandad, and the children left with these little noise makers, and they absolutely love them! So now we travel to the sound of "birthday party music", as Avery calls it :)

My mother has got together a lovely collection of toys for the children to play with! Here they are driving cars on the window ledge :) A lot of those cars are actually cars that I remember playing with when I was growing up!


Anonymous said...

So glad to see your all enjoying yourselves over there!

SuzanSayz said...

I loved this! What an amazing trip for your children. You are making them world travelers at such a young age and that is wonderful. They are absolutely blessed to have such a great heritage. I hope you enjoy every second of this trip and your reunion with your family!!!

Melissa said...

Josephine, I am so happy you got there well and safe and that the volcano cooperated. You must be thrilled to be home. Have fun!!!

Lisa said...

Lucky ducky!!!! Have fun!!!

So glad the children did so well on the plane :)

Syme Family News said...

I am so happy you are having fun. Tell your mother hello from us.

Marie G said...

Such a lovely way to keep us up to date. The pictures are delightful.

Valerie B said...

We are having the best possible time.

Maureen C said...

So glad you're having a lovely time.I've just realised that I shall be very surprised to find that Avery and Brogan don't know me when we first meet!! I feel I know them so well through your wonderful blog.
I'm going to be in Poole this weekend..Saturday evening/Sunday/Monday morning and shall look forward to seeing you all.Love to all xxxx