Monday, May 24, 2010

England Trip Week 2

More time with great-grandparents.
Picnic in the garden
Helping the plants grow :)
First train ride!
The swing in Grandma's garden!! Avery loves it, in case you can't tell from the look on her face :)

The baby bunny that Uncle Sebastian and Aunt Jenna rescued!
We spent Friday with my little brother's family, and in the afternoon we went to the nearby palace ruins in Bishop's Waltham. It was so much fun! And, believe it or not, I had a really hard time narrowing down the photos to the ones I have posted!!

Looking through one of the windows.
Avery loved her Uncle Sebastian, and spent a lot of time being carried around on his shoulders :)

So pretty :)

Noah is four months younger than Brogan, and it was really fun to watch them interacting with each other!
They spent a few minutes exchanging flowers very sweetly :)
I like this one because it looks like Noah's saying But Wait! Here's another one! Where are you going?! But apparently Brogan had had enough of the flower swapping :)
Brogan has been missing his Daddy, and also male company in general! He is the only boy in the house, and every time we are with other people, he gravitates towards the men! He is very fond of his uncle :)

Avery thinks her cousin Noah is very cute :)

My sweet affectionate little boy :)

This was a very pretty place with some lovely trees.

Avery kept on covering up Sebastian's eyes.
Brogan didn't want to leave this little crypt area, but he stood there and watched while everyone else climbed out and walked away, and as soon as the last person disappeared from view, he threw a little tantrum in protest!

On Saturday morning Avery and I took the train up to London and met up with some of the girl's I lived with my first 2 years of university! In the autumn it will have been 10 years since we all moved into Waveney Terrace together and called ourselves the Waveney Bunnies :)
Avery tickling Jess with some leaves...
...and hiding behind the "biggest ever" leaves...
We met up in Trafalgar Square and went to a little cafe for some over priced but yummy ice cream and drinks (£12.50 for a waffle, two scoops of ice cream and a coke), and then made our way to Hyde Park where we spent the afternoon sitting under a tree and catching up :)
Jess had to go catch her train, but the rest of us went to Pizza Hut and shared a couple of pizzas.

Avery and I discovered that London would not be a good place to be a disabled person, unless you had enough money to avoid the underground. In zone 1 of the system (ie, where everything is), there are only about 9 stations with elevators. Waterloo, where we started, had one elevator (which I only found after asking for directions), and it was only for the jubilee line, so I still had to take Avery's stroller down a flight of steps to get to the line we needed. Luckily, everywhere we went, there were lovely random men who took the time to ask me if I needed help getting her up or down steps, otherwise I just wouldn't have been able to do it. The scariest part for me was actually the long escalator we had to take to get out of the underground to meet up with my friends. I tackled it backwards, so that Avery was looking down the escalator while we went up. It was fine until we got about half way up, and there was no one behind us, and I realised that if I lost my grip on the stroller it would mean a serious long fall for Avery. Not my favourite part of the day. Obviously, it got a little easier once I'd met up with my friends because then they all took it in turns to help carrying the stroller up and down the many flights of stairs! But it's just a good thing that I decided to only take the stroller and no walker.
It was a lovely day though, and Avery absolutely loved the trains! The whole time we were walking around London, and while we were in the underground, she kept her hands firmly over her ears, but still enjoyed seeing all the big double decker buses and everything :) I thought she might sleep on the train on the way home, but I was very wrong - there was far too much to see and to get excited about!
One of the many photos Avery took on the train :)
By the time we got home at about 9pm, she was exhausted! She had to tell Grandma about her exciting day, but after that she went straight to bed and fell asleep very quickly :)

Brogan had a wonderful day with Grandma and Aunt Evey while Avery and I were in London! He did lots of playing outside, went to a party at the library with Grandma, and spent a lovely afternoon on the beach! Obviously, I don't have any pictures, since I had the camera with me in London, but he had a wonderful time. Didn't stop him from being very angry with me for leaving him though!!! He woke up in the middle of the night, and when I went in, he first hugged me and then spent the next half hour or so shouting at me and crying very angrily, and I don't doubt that he was just letting me know that even though he'd had a good day, it hadn't gone unnoticed that I'd left him, and he wasn't happy about it!!!

On Saturday, Eveymartine and my Mother had worked hard to finish the sandpit they had planned for the children, and after church on Sunday we had the great unveiling :D
It was (and is) a big hit!!!
Brogan finds his Aunt Evey quite amusing... :)
My pretty girl.
Avery making faces at Grandma as she pushes her on the swing.
Brogan and Aunty Evey.
My Aunty Maureen came down for the weekend, and as you can see, it took a while for my little wall-flower of a son to warm up to her!!!! :D
In the early evening, Great Grandma, Great Grandad, Aunty Evey, Aunty Maureen, Amy and Felicity came over, and we had a lovely time sitting in the garden playing with the children and then enjoying delicious homemade rolls (made by my grandma!) with egg, tomatoes, tuna, and the best lemon curd you've ever tasted (also my grandma's!)!! That was followed by my mother's excellent rhubarb crumble with ambrosia custard! Yumm yum!


Kristen said...

Holy Smoly! That's a lot of pictures. Looks like you guys are having an amazing time!!

Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures :) Keep having fun!

Anonymous said...

Looks like your busy doing heaps over there, which is great!

The UK is gorgeous!

Love the photos!

Stephanie said...

It looks like you guys are having so much FUN! I bet you were happy to finally meet your nephew :) I love the pictures, but can't wait for you to come home!

Evey F said...

If I didn't live in England, after looking at these photos I would want to visit.

They are lovely pictures. The family look so happy all together. I want to visit this castle it looks great.

Valerie B said...

We hardly need captions - I'm in heaven surrounded by all my lovely children and grandchildren.

Marie G said...

A wonderful album!