Sunday, May 30, 2010

England Trip Week 3

We had some more lovely weather, so we spent the afternoon at the beach! Here Brogan is wondering down to the water to play with his boat with Grandma :)
Then Avery went down by the water with Grandma to build a sand castle, and they ended up with a sand boat, with a steering wheel and everything :) Aunty Evey helped too! I think here they might be pointing out the Isle of Wight to Avery... or maybe it was just a boat or a bird.
Brogan got very sandy, but it didn't seem to bother him too much :)
The Furbanks had lots of fun beach toys for the children to play with :)
Avery wore Grandma's sunglasses because she kept on getting sand in her face when she was flapping her hands! Somehow I don't think they fit her quite right.... :D

A real robin. That's right. Not one of those silly American "robins"! It came by to see if it could get some of the picnic we were eating in Grandma's garden :)
Grandma's friend Allison came for dinner, and Avery thought she was wonderful :) I'll be adding video's to these posts after I get home.
Wrapped up.

We went to look at the animals at a little courtyard place we used to go to when I was growing up. Brogan stuck his finger in one of the chicken's cages and got pecked, of course, but he seemed to think it was quite funny! He didn't do it again though :)
Avery looking at the fluffy bunnies. We also saw cats, kittens, mice, hamsters, chickens, roosters, and all sorts of little birds!

We all went into Poole that afternoon, which meant that Eveymartine had to go on the train, since my mother's tiny little car doesn't have room for all three adults plus two car seats! So on the way there, Brogan went on the train with Aunt Evey, and they met us at the fabric store. We had to get some fabric and several other things for Aunt Evey and Uncle Naeem's reception, which is going to be next Saturday. After that, we bought some delicious milkshakes and walked down to the quay to watch the boats sailing in and out for a while. I only took one picture, and it's not a very good one, but we had a nice time :)

In the evening, after the children were in bed, Amy, Talitha, Natalie, and Felicity came over and we had a very silly time trying out some of the moves from this book...
I watched and read the instructions, and it was very amusing :)

Also, I found out the girls' plans for our day out on Wednesday! Felicity, Talitha and Amy are taking me up to London to see Wicked!! I'm very excited!!!

On Friday, Eveymartine and I took the children to Moor's Valley Park where we met up with Sebastian, Jenna and Noah, and had a lovely afternoon! And I'm definitely feeling a lot more comfortable driving my mother's car around on these little roads now :) The first time I drove Eveymartine and I over to Poole, it was... well, an adventure :) But it's definitely much easier now, and we only had one "fun" part where I forgot that I was in second gear and stalled on a roundabout....!
We got there before the Brogans, and we went straight to the smaller playground, where Avery and Brogan had a lovely time. Brogan ran all over the place, which is probably how he managed to fall off a step and get a mouth and nose full of sand, which wasn't his favourite part... But other than that, they both loved it!
Avery in her castle.
The fun increased after the the Brogans arrived! Avery wanted Uncle Sebastian to come into her 'house', but since it was far too small, she had to make do with just his head stuck in through the window :)
Uncle Sebastian got "stuck" in this little tower, and he needed help getting out, so Avery took his hand and pulled as hard as she could!
You can really tell that Noah trusts his daddy completely! Even though Sebastian was standing several feet away, as soon as he said "3, 2, 1", Noah just launched himself off the ledge, knowing that his daddy would catch him!! Brogan watched and though it was great, so he wanted a turn. He wasn't quite so fearless though, and stood with his arms outstretched waiting for uncle Sebastian to come close enough to get him :)
Noah's not scared though :)

Playing with scoops and pulleys.
Avery saving the little stick as it fell through Sebastian's hands with the sand.
Playtime with Aunt Evey as we waited for Sebastian to return with the picnic :)
Jenna, Sebastian and Noah. Thursday was their 4th anniversary, which I completely forgot until Saturday morning!! So I didn't mention it at all that whole afternoon! Sorry! Happy Anniversary!

We walked over a bridge to have our picnic on a picnic table by the lake. We picked a table far away from the lake, thinking that it would mean we wouldn't have to stop the little ones falling into the lake quite so much, but it just meant that we had to run further :) In this picture, Sebastian had run after Brogan who was getting too close to the lake, so then Noah ran after Sebastian, and Jenna ran after Noah, and then Avery saw everyone heading to the lake, so ran all the way across the field shouting "Uncle Sebastian!!! Uncle Sebastian! Here I am!! Uncle Sebastian! I'm coming!"

It was a very pretty afternoon. Lovely and sunny, but just a little breezy.
Looking at the ducks.

The ducks came straight over to us, obviously thinking we had food, so in the end, Aunt Evey went back to the picnic table and got the leftover tuna sandwiches. Lucky ducks!

Then, of course, Uncle Sebastian had to be wrestled to the ground.
Several times.
Brogan chased 4 ducks all the way back to the lake with a jam sandwich, but by the time he got to the water, he had eaten the whole thing :)
Avery chasing ducks.

And we looked at the cows too :)


Allison said...

Awww! It looks like you're having a wonderful time!! I'm so glad, great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Fanatastic Photos again!

A beach with SAND in the UK, you have done well as there are only a few over there with sand isn't there?

Hannon! said...

Looks like you three are really enjoying some family time!! Love all the pictures

Edie Mindell said...

Wow!!! What a great and fantastic vacation you and the whole family had!!! I'm pretty much sure everybody had fun, especially the kids. The pictures were great and beautiful. :-0

Marie G said...

What a great week you have had. Josephine you must be exhausted! The photos are wonderful.

Valerie B said...

We're having such a lovely time and even wet days spent at home are fun.

Tony F said...

There is just too much fun going on at the moment for some people.