Sunday, June 06, 2010

England Trip Week 4


On Tuesday night some friends came over for dinner, and Brogan became instantly attached to Katie! He likes most people, and isn't shy, but for some reason, he wanted to be with Katie constantly, and was even happy just to climb up and sit quietly on her lap for ages, which isn't like him! He's not usually a "sit quietly" kind of boy...!


Amy, Talitha, and Felicity surprised me with tickets to go see Wicked in London!! They had been to see it in New York before they visited me last year, and raved about it the whole time they were at my house, so I was super excited to see it! We drove up to pick up Aunty Maureen in the morning and then took the train into London.

So there were six of us all together, and it was such an amazing day! The show was amazing! I loved every second! (Sorry about the pictures girlies, these kinds of shots are never the most flattering...!)

Thursday was a very exciting day for us! It was the day that we were picking Daddy up from the ferry port to enjoy the rest of the trip with us! Gabe flew into Paris on the Monday morning (which I'll have to ask him to write a quick post about), and on Thursday he got a ferry from Cherbourg to Poole, where Avery and I were waiting excitedly to meet him! Can you see how excited Avery is?? When Gabe got off the little shuttle just on the other side of this fence, Avery was so excited to see him and was jumping so much that her skirt fell down :D

Brogan has just woken up from his nap when we got back to Grandma's house, and he was also extremely happy to see his Daddy :)

Snuggles :)

We spent an hour or two down on the beach with Great Grandma and several of the Furbank families :) Great Grandma treated all the great grandchildren to ice cream cones, and they were very happy little children :)

Brogan wasn't interested in the ice cream at first, but once he was convinced that it had plenty of sugar and not much nutritional value, he knew it was worth his time...

...and he was a big fan!!

Brogan splashing in the waves with Daddy.

Cute little Megan :)
Early on Friday morning, my brother Sebastian and his brother-in-law Steve showed up to take my husband away!! They went on a hike from Lulworth Cove to Weymouth - about 11 miles, I think they said. It was pretty much the perfect day for a hike! Beautifully sunny, and a nice breeze.

Meanwhile, back at home we were busy getting ready for my sister's wedding reception, which was happening the next day! In the evening we met up at the church and set up all the tables and decorations (which looked really lovely, by the way), before heading over to the Furbank's for a "hen night" doing pedicures and manicures and eating chinese food :)


Saturday was the big day! It was a lovely reception, and Eveymartine and Naeem looked so happy together :)

There was lots of great entertainment! Gabe even got to borrow a banjo :)

Avery looked beautiful in her special dress, and she even had a pearl necklace and black and gold bracelets as a present from Aunt Evey, which she loved :)

Gabe, Josephine (and bump!), Brogan, Naeem, Eveymartine, Avery, Valerie, Jenna, Noah and Sebastian.

I love these pictures which my cousin Matt took!

After the party was over we went back to my Mother's house and got the children into bed. While we did that, Gabe, Sebastian and Naeem went off to the beach to play volleyball with a bunch of people from church, and poor Eveymartine got quite distressed about having to be a part from her husband for all that time!!

It was a full house that night! Every room was being slept in besides the kitchen and bathrooms :D
Naeem had brought presents for the children and for Gabe and I, since it was the first time we'd met in person, which was very sweet of him! He got a very nice tie for Gabe and a beautiful turquoise scarf for me. The children were in bed so he couldn't give them their presents, but we saw the magnetic play center he got for Avery (which she loves), and the daddies "tested out" the cars Naeem had got for Brogan and Noah!!!

Gabe and Sebastian got along really well.....maybe a little too well....!!!

Eveymartine and Naeem opened some wedding presents.
We were going to have a bonfire out in the garden that night, but we were all just too exhausted after our long day!


 After church, Brogan and Noah got to watch their daddies play with their new toys outside :)

In the evening, the Furbanks and the Silsbys came over, and we went to Kingston Maurwood (?) for a walk.

It was beautiful! And again, we had lovely sunny weather! It was quite breezy, but not cold, and it was just perfect!

Brogan got to spend some more time with his new favourite person, Katie :)

Beautiful :)

Eveymartine and Naeem.... so sweet and in love :)

At the end of the walk was this steep hill, and Avery loved climbing the mountain! It was quite the climb, but she insisted on doing it all by herself, and she did too! Lots of times in fact!

Avery, Noah and Brogan loved sliding down the side of the steep hill :)

On the way back, Naeem carried and Avery and pushed Brogan almost the whole time I think! We kept on offering to help, but he refused! It was really nice for the children to have the weekend to get to know him a little bit, and Avery especially loved him :) I think he will always hold a special place in her heart for spending an hour building lego houses with her on Sunday afternoon instead of taking a much needed nap with his wife :D She insisted on driving with them when we went on our outing that evening :)
After the walk, we all went back to my mother's house again for rice pudding, which was delicious :) And so much fun!

After everyone else had gone and the children were in bed, Gabe and Sebastian built a bonfire out back and burned some of the wood which needed to be burned. We made smores with chocolate digestives and marshmallows :)


Anonymous said...

Love all the lastest photos.

How grown up does Avery look in her dress at the wedding, gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful times - I felt like someone in an old Hollywood movie with my children, their spouses and children all around me. Too perfect for words. Lovely that some of our mutual Virginian friends can now see where I live and why I love it so much.

Eveymartine said...

Wow! This is great Josephine! All the pictures are beautiful - such a perfect week :-)

Marie G said...

Such lovely memories which you can look back on, such a lovely time to spend some of your holiday together. We miss you both, Avery and Brogan.I do hope they remember us. and this beautiful country.

Evey F said...

Spectacular photos Josephine. It's so good to have pictures of the good times. We are so bad at taking photos and therefore miss out on looking back at such good memories.
It's just Kingston, not Maurwood. That's another place in Dorset.

Miss you all.

Valerie B said...

The photographs are a wonderful reminder of such good times, how kind the weather was to us and how photogenic Dorset is...I was very proud! Many, many people are missing the Andersens now and there is much asking after you.