Friday, July 23, 2010

Breakfast with the Animals

Last Saturday our local zoo opened early to do a little breakfast event. They provided some bagels and donuts and orange juice, etc, and then you could walk around and watch different animals having breakfast! Best of all, it was free to members :) So we met some friends there and had a good time :)
Some of the children snacked on the food for a bit....
...but the call of the tiger was too strong to resist for long!

Avery and Kayla :)

Brogan pointing out the goldfish in the pond.
Standing on the fence. I'm sure there are rules against standing on the fence, but look how big and strong she is :)
Brogan wants to be just like his sister :)

Brogan found Timmy's pacifier in the front seat of the stroller, and insisted that he needed it! Timmy did eventually take it...probably just to make the annoying boy go away :)

Kayla being helpful and bringing Brogan back after he ran off towards the cougar area.
Climbing on logs, enjoying the view :)
Brogan, Avery and Trevor.

Later on that day, we were all back at our house and the children did some painting in the carport.

Brogan was having a great time painting too, but then he started having a hard time resisting the siren call of other people's paint plates and he went and played in the sand pit while the girls continued to create masterpieces :)

Then of course it was trampoline time, which involved a lot of squealing and screaming!

Then, before letting them come back into the house, Gabe had to blast the sand off them with the leaf blower, which is something he'd been dying to try out for a while, apparently :)


Lisa said...

A leaf blower, that's a brilliant idea! How did it work? I would be curious to try that myself....except that we only had a sandbox for one day about 4.5 years ago. The girls got so much sand stuck all over them that I decided to get rid of it. Isn't that terrible of me? But, the truth.

Great photo's! Avery looks great standing up on the fence!

Syme Family News said...

Super cute pictures and we haven't seen the Dorough family in forever. Glad you had fun.

Marie G said...

Lovely photos.

Valerie B said...

With reference to that last picture - and the child amongst them is...? Gabe is a real grown-up now, a leaf blower of his own, impressive. Just remember how annoying your old neighbour's was;D
I cannot tell you how much I love all these pictures, Josephine. I'm so pleased that you still see the Doroughs, it's easy to lose touch with people when they move to a new ward even if they're not far away.
It's so lovely to watch these gorgeous children grow, to see Avery initiating activites and continuing her friendship with Kayla. Brogan is so, so cute, he is just a bundle of energy and thoughtfulness all wrapped up in one.
I cannot wait to see you, obviously let me know as soon as you've bought the tickets and I'll start packing.

Evey F said...

I thought it was a chain saw! A leaf blower is fine. Ben thought of a good idea for the trampoline when he was at Nathan and Abbie's. He put the sprinkler underneath it, it kept them cool and it was lots of fun jumping over the water.

Josephine said...

Yes, Gabe did that the other day too :) It was 100F outside, and the hose made it bearable

Eveymartine said...

I love the leaf-blower idea and I am dying to try the hose idea myself!

All these pictures are gorgeous! Brogan looks so much more grown-up even though it really hasn't been long. He is a gorgeous boy!

Avery looks so grown-up and sophisticated and I'm very impressed by the standing on the fence - she seems to be getting more and more adventurous.

I miss them and you!

Love you x

Tony F said...

Such a tame tiger, although I am fearful of trampolines. I don't think there should be more than one person on them at a time.

I used to trampoline and once beriefly performed for Her Majesty.