Monday, July 26, 2010

This is okay!

Avery has always had sensory issues when it comes to messy things on her hands and face. She has always liked to be clean. Nothing wrong with that! But it's meant that she's never been okay with having her face painted or anything like that either! So it's been sort of fun this past few weeks because I managed to convince her to let me paint her toenails and fingernails! Then, when it started chipping off, it was actually her idea to repaint them! So that was great! Not only did she let me do it, but she wanted to!
The only thing she insists on is that each hand and foot gets a different colour :)

A week or so ago we went to an event that included free face painting, so we tried once again to convince Avery to let the nice girl paint a pretty picture on her face, but she would have nothing to do with it! She was fine watching Brogan getting his done, but get quite upset when we asked her if she was ready to do one. Then the face-painting girl made the brilliant suggestion of having her hands painted instead, and Avery was okay with that!

She got a butterfly on one hand and a ladybug on the other, and thought they were beautiful! Gabe even let her keep them on that night when she went to bed, which turned out to not be such a great idea since she woke up freaking out about them in the middle of the night.... but still, it was progress!
Brogan, of course, thought it was great!! He got a basketball. The hardest part for him was sitting still long enough to have it done :)

I wish I'd got a picture of his face when he saw himself in the mirror when we got home!

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