Monday, August 16, 2010

Brogan is Two!!

It was Brogan's 2nd birthday on Sunday, so we celebrated with a party on Saturday!
A lot of good friends were able to come, although this isn't everybody because I know at least 2 or 3 people were hiding when we took this picture...! We were going to have a slip-n-slide, and set up the grill on the back patio, but it was overcast and gray that day, and they thought it was going to be stormy, so we set up in the car port and forgot about the slip-n-slide! But it was still super fun, and it was actually quite nice to have a little bit of slightly cooler weather :)
We enjoyed lots of yummy hotdogs, burgers and yellow squash, all grilled on our new grill :) Avery is saying "Cheese!"
Brogan saying "Cheese!" Avery has obviously taught him her own preferred camera "smile"....
The Harris's probably thought that they'd managed to avoid the camera when they all hid during the group photo, but I still found them :)
The sand pit looks a lot smaller with 4 children in it :)
Men at the grill and women with the babies! Hahaha!
Everybody enjoyed the cream puffs, but maybe nobody quite as much as Daisy :)
Present time!! Brogan was completely spoiled by presents! Especially considering the fact that we'd told everyone not to worry about bringing presents :) But he loved all of them :) Avery was very excited about all of them too, and enjoyed watching him unwrap them all :) The car toys he got were probably the biggest instant hits with Brogan (he refused to let go of them to unwrap the next gifts), but he has also been loving all the other presents as he's had time to play with them since the party :)
Blowing out the candles!
I don't think Brogan really grasped the fact that it was his party! He absolutely loved having all those friends to play with, and was so happy the whole time everyone was there! But when I brought the cake out and everyone was singing, he joined in with the singing (in his own language of course!), and clapped and cheered at the end with everyone else! But he did enjoy blowing out the candles, and although he was excited to eat the muffin, he only managed one little bite before the distractions of people and toys took his attention away from the cake :) Avery got very excited about the song and the cake, and cheered and clapped so enthusiastically at the end of the song, shouting "Yaaaaay! Happy Birthday Brogan!!!!"

I had three fun crafts planned for the children to make, but we just ran out of time! Everyone was so busy having fun on the trampoline and stuff that there was never a need for us to go inside and start painting and gluing the fun things in there! But the Doroughs were able to stick around for a little bit longer after everyone else left, so I pulled out the paper mache face masks I had made the day before, and the girls sat down to decorate them :) After a few minutes the boys decided it looked like fun too, so they all sat happily around the table painting their face masks :)
Over all it was a super successful party! Thank you to everyone who came and made it such a fun time for Brogan (and for the rest of us too!)
(We'll have to throw a separate crafting party at some point to use up all the toilet paper rolls I collected to make sheep and butterflies!)


Talitha said...

It looks and sounds like you all have a lovely day:) Happy Birthday Brogan!

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Darling, thank you so very much for all of this, what a perfectly wonderful day and so super for me to see many familiar faces, good friends whom I love and miss, (tell Michelle to start planning for a day together and a midnight pedicure party.) You planned the perfect day for a little boy who loves people and parties. In the compilation picture it looks very much as if Avery is reading to her friends, they all look so interested. Perhaps we'll make sheep and butterflies when I'm there. Love and kisses to all until I shall deliver them myself, not many more ticks to be filled out on Avery's chart (we mustn't get excited.)

Marie G said...

What great fun it all looks, so many people! It's lovely that Avery enjoyed watching Brogan having his party even if he wasn't aware.

Eveymartine said...

This looks like an amazing party! The group shot looks lovely - great decorations Josephine. I love that Avery was so excited about Brogan's birthday - so sweet especially as he didn't seem to realise that all the fuss was for him! Perhaps in his world no one ever goes over to your house without the express purpose of seeing him anyway so what's new?!?
I love Avery's excited face and Brogan's cheese smile - that made me giggle!
And Josephine! How amazing are you?! You're like some sort of Blue Peter Mom! "I'm only 8 months pregnant with 2 small children after all so, to pass the time, I think I'll decorate the car port and get ready to entertain my small children, their friends and their friends' parents. Oh, and here are some papier mache face masks I made earlier!"
Well done! x