Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease...

So apparently, someone who went to a playgroup a week and a half ago had hand, foot and mouth disease and shared it with everyone there, and then a lot of those people came to Brogan's birthday party last Saturday, and then we all went to church the next day and took our children to nursery and primary so they could share it with everyone else. And all this with nobody even knowing they were sick until they'd already shared it with someone else. Good times. I'll tell you, this is one sneaky and mean virus!!!

Brogan was the first in our houe to come down with it. He woke up in the middle of the night on Tuesday with a fever, and for the next 18 hours or so had a fever of up to 104.7F. By about lunch time on Wednesday his eyes were swollen and watering, his nose was streaming, his mouth and lips were puffy and he was one very unhappy little boy. He needed love, hugs and sleep all day. (By the way, this spot on the couch is where I've been sleeping for several weeks, surrounded by about 12 pillows and cushions, because I can't lie down anymore without dibilitating agony) By the next morning however, his fever had disappeared and the only symptoms he had were a patch of red bumpy rash on the top of his right foot, and some irritability.
Avery seemed to have escaped the virus.
Until last night...

It was her turn to wake up with a fever of 103.6F. We gave her some motrin so that she had a chance of sleeping, and moved her through to our room to sleep in the big bed with Gabe so that he could comfort her as she tossed and turned. This morning at 7:30am she woke up and threw up, and since then has probably thrown up about 5 more times. She's always had a sensitive stomach - it's not uncommon for her to throw up even if she only has a cold. So she is now downstairs sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the family room. Her fever hasn't reached as high as Brogan's (thank heavens!), and she seems to be sleeping quite peacefully right now, so hopefully this horrible phase will pass quickly for her too.
I was really hoping that she wasn't going to get it. It is generally an uncomplicated sickness which just has to run its course, but, in the rare cases where there are complications, they tend to manifest themselves in things like viral meningitis or encephalitis. Certainly two things we would prefer to avoid with Avery. Also, if I go into labour while this virus is in our house and possibly in my system, it could be passed to my baby. Which could be just a small problem, since most of the time, if newborns get this disease, it is mild, but is can cause serious, even life-threatening problems for brand new babies. So the timing is pretty bad. Yup. So we're praying that this whole thing passes very quickly, and that we'll be able to avoid any complications.


Kristen said...

That sounds awful. I hope it passes and never returns.

David said...

get better everybody!

Carla said...

Good Grief, I'm all for sharing but this is enough! I hope your house is free of this soon!

Michelle said...

Oh no...HF&M is really nasty stuff, I hate to see you guys going through it. Here's hoping it passes quickly!

Anonymous said...

That's terrible!

Hope they recover quickly, would hate for either of them to get a secondary illness like those, but especially Avery!

Lisa said...

oh dear, I am so, so sorry.

Here's hoping that it runs its course quickly!

Anonymous said...

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