Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Safari Park

The Animals
Some of them anyway...apparently I didn't get any pictures of the wildebeest or the big cow type things with the GIANT horns, among others I'm sure!

Close Encounters!
We were amazed by how close all the animals really did get to the vehicle! They were not even a little bit nervous or shy! Within seconds of getting through the gates, Jess and I were squealing and in hysterics because a bunch of llamas and eland and emus came straight over and stuck their heads through our windows! It was so funny to turn around and find yourself nose to nose with a llama or an elk or something! Quite the experience!

Feeding the Animals
We fed most of the animals we saw, with the exception of the bison (for obvious reasons!) and the giraffe (because it was too hot to do the walk-through part...I'm pregnant okay??). We did however lose a bucket of feed to a couple of opportunistic camels, and we also fed a couple of animals we found out later we weren't supposed to the zebra. Ooops!

Reactions: Claire and Avery
The older girls were very excited about all the animals, especially Claire who was absolutely fearless and wanted to feed all the animals herself! Avery was happy to watch the animals, but didn't feel up to actually touching or feeding them.

Reactions: Brogan and Lilly
Lilly was a little overwhelmed by the close proximity of the animals at first, and insisted on having her window closed. Brogan found it all very exciting, but both of them were happiest once they were sitting on our laps up front :) Lilly felt a little more secure there I think, and Brogan felt closer to the action :) One of the llamas tried to spit at Lilly at the beginning when she was still sitting in the back, and Brogan got licked by a camel when he was sitting on my lap, but he didn't mind :)

Lunch at the Pink Cadillac Diner
After driving through the park once, we decided it was time for some lunch, so we went to the Pink Cadillac Diner which is just across the road from the park. Avery and I ate there once before on our way home from an appointment up in Charlottesville, and it's a fun little place, so we decided to eat there again. We had bought the children a little 25c colouring book, a 4-pack of crayons and an animal stamp each at the safari park gift shop, so that helped them sit still while we waited for our food. Well, it didn't help Brogan for very long.... it was past his nap time and he was over-excited, so we were lucky to survive!!! It should be noted that Avery also chose to order the fish nuggets meal! Fish! She has always insisted that people don't eat fish, but she chose it over all the other selections, and she actually ate both the big fish nuggets that came with her meal!
After lunch (and a very complicated payment!!), we headed back to the park for one more drive through. We had half a bucket of feed left, which Claire was excited to feed to the animals! Lilly even got adventurous and actually fed one of the animals too!


Marie G said...

Lovely pictures... I'm intrigued by the complicated payment thing? I think the scariest of the 'animals' is the ostrich, I wouldn't want to be too close to one if they were in a bad mood!

Hannon! said...

Those animals would have scared the living daylights out of me... especially the camels.
What a fun day that you all had and that diner looks like it's a lot of fun!!!