Monday, August 02, 2010


On Saturday we went to a fun "Touch-a-Truck" event at Green Hill Park in Salem. They had lots and lots of different types of vehicles there for everyone to see and touch! We parked over near the city bus and trolley, so started there, but they had all sorts!
Brogan probably would have been happy to climb into each truck, tractor and dump truck, honking every horn and pretending to drive every vehicle, but that would have taken all day! Avery did very well considering how much noise there was at times with everybody honking different horns at the same time - she didn't even complain about it I don't think, but she certainly wasn't interested in climbing into any of the driver's seats herself :)

Avery didn't want to go on the hayride either, but then I told her how much Brogan wanted to do it, and asked her if she could go with him to help look after him, and she agreed to that with no hesitation!! What a sweet big sister :) Of course, Brogan would have wanted to do it whether any of us went with him or not, but it was lovely of Avery to go just because she thought he needed her to look after him :)

There was a giant cow. Avery is saying "Mooooo!" Brogan is sucking on his lollipop...

There was a cute little mini petting zoo which both of the children loved. Brogan loved pointing out the ducks (one of his favourite words right now), and we had to take his lollipop away after he shared it with one of the goats... While we were looking at the animals, we also ran into Avery's occupational therapist Tiffany with her little boys, so that was fun.

The highlight of the morning for both of the children had to be the bubbles! We had seen it earlier as we drove past it on the hayride, and we just knew it would be a big hit with Brogan! We weren't so sure about what Avery would think. It was done by the fire department, so we were guessing that it's some sort of foam making machine that they would usually use for putting out fires, but for that morning they were just using regular bubbles or something. What ever it was, it was super fun :)
Brogan loved the bubbles he found outside the fence as we approached it, and once he realised there was a lot more of the stuff inside, he didn't even hesitate and walked straight in :)

After a couple of minutes, they turned on some big blower machine that blew all the bubbles up into the air and big clumps of the stuff went floating off to who-knows-where. Then they turned on the foam machine!
I started to record this video because it was pretty cool to see the sheer volume of foam being spewed out by this thing, but then I realised that Brogan was being buried so I turned it off!! Luckily Gabe saw it happening too, and gave me Avery's hands so that he could run off and rescue Brogan, who apparently looked a little nervous as he was being engulfed, but he was just fine!!

We were happy to find that Avery loved the bubbles too!! She was standing just inside the fence holding onto my hands as she watched the tidal wave of foam heading towards us, and she got maybe a little bit nervous, but mostly found the whole thing pretty exciting!! I finally picked her up and pulled her back over to my side of the fence when the foam was threatening to go over her head! But we walked straight around to the front of the little enclosure so that she could go and play in the bubbles again! By this point Gabe had rescued Brogan, who was running around playing in the foam again, so Avery had a great time holding onto Gabe's hands and running around getting covered in bubbles too!
Neither of them wanted to leave when we told them time was up, but luckily there were other exciting things to see which soon took their minds off the bubbles!

We were going to go straight to the helicopter before heading home, but Brogan spotted the old fire truck, and just had to see it, so we stopped there first! Brogan waited impatiently for his turn to drive, and was as happy as a clam as soon as he got to sit up behind the wheel! But there was another little boy waiting for a turn, so we couldn't let him sit there forever, and you would have thought his heart was breaking when Gabe picked him up! So sad!

Avery likes helicopters, but, as in the past when she's had the opportunity to see one up close and actually get inside, she wanted to have nothing to do with it! So once again we asked her if she would go in with Brogan to look after him, and once again that did the trick!!

Then we tortured Brogan by insisting it was time to go home. Once again, his poor little heart broke, but after driving for a couple of minutes he started to make his tired noise and I think he realised that a nap might be a nice idea :)


Michelle said...

Oh! I didn't realize that we'd missed that! We had such fun there last year and I lost track of when it was. I'm glad you guys went though and had such a good time!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the foam machine!

Valerie B said...

Oh - I love it all. I'm always so impressed when organisations put on fairs like this, there was a far smaller affair in Naeem and Eveymartine's local park last Saturday with singing, bands and all kinds of stalls. How excellent that you've found a ruse which helps Avery enjoy things she would otherwise be wary of - if ever there were a sister and brother who were totally different in every way then it is those Andersen siblings.
The last picture certainly points that out. Thank you so much for sharing all of this, it makes the distance between us so much shorter.

Hannon! said...

I love that Avery is not at all fazed by Brogan's crying. It looks like you all had a lot of fun!!!