Saturday, October 16, 2010


I have a few things I need to write about, but haven't found a moment to sit down and actually write! I can't think why....! ;) Actually, it's mostly that I just haven't really felt like blogging recently. But I will start back up again soon, I promise :) I have to blog about Avery starting back up with Anat Baniel Method therapy (with a new therapist), her appointment with the endocrinologist, Oliver's blessing day, and of course all the everyday cuteness that is my children! For now I will just leave you with these cute pictures and a promise that I will write a proper post soon!! :)

Avery is still loving little baby Oliver! She likes to hold him sometimes, and she talks to him so sweetly all the time.

Brogan being a fairy :) Apparently the hat is part of the costume, and he likes to wear this at some point almost every time he and Avery play dress-up :) To "fly" he leans forward, sticks his arms up behind him and runs. It's hilariously cute!

As of earlier this week, Oliver has been giving us lots of these :) He is such a happy boy! And so sweet and easy-going.
I love all my sweet children so much.
Life is very, very good :)


Anonymous said...

Cute pics! Oliver is growing up way too fast! x

Talitha said...

Ha ha, Brogan looks so cute as a fairy, I have a picture somewhere of Freddie dressed up in a pink tutu and fairy wings:)
I can't believe how grown up Oliver is already, he has such a cute smile:)
And avery looks even more grow up when she is holding he baby brother! You do have lovely children!

Syme Family News said...

I love your sweet children too. Hey, Steaphanie is coming tomorrow (Tues.) to my house at 10 or 10:30. If you want to can come too.