Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween 2010

On Saturday we got dressed up and went trunk-or-treating in our church parking lot :)
Brogan was a bird.
He was going to be batman, but his cape had apple juice spilt all over it, and he chose the bird anyway.

This is how birds fly :)

Avery chose to be a lion! For a little while she was saying she wanted to be a doctor, but then she remembered that we had this lion costume and nothing else would do :)


There were hotdogs and chips before the trunk-or-treating began.

Avery finished her food in record time and then had a terrible time trying to be patient - she was so excited to go trick-or-treating!!!

Some people went all out in their trunk decorating :)

Avery with her friend Paisley and Daisy :)

At last the waiting was over and we headed off to get some candy!! Avery said "Trick or treat!!" to everyone...
Brogan said "Please" and held out his bag when I asked him to say "trick or treat" :)

Enjoying some of their loot on the way home :)

Like his sister and brother before him, Oliver was a lion for his first halloween :) He slept in his carseat the whole time we were at the trunk or treat, so I took a couple of photos of him after we got home.

On Sunday evening we had the Symes and the Doroughs over for dinner, and we handed out candy to all the trick-or-treaters who came by :) There were lots of fun costumes, and by the end of the evening we only had a handful of candy left in the bucket :)

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