Friday, November 26, 2010


Avery helped us get the house ready for Thanksgiving by decorating the front door :) We made the wreath with cut outs of her hand prints, and the leaves were made the same way.
Avery took the job of securing the leaves to the glass very seriously... some of them got 4 pieces of tape!! I think she did an excellent job :)

I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who have already offered advice on the wheelchair/walker issue. I now have a much better idea about what's available, and I really like some of the ideas you've given us. I'm now looking into the kidwalk and rabbit mobile stander in particular, and I still think a wheelchair would be a good idea. I'm going to email some links to Avery's ABM therapist to see what she thinks, and Gabe and I need to sit down and talk about the pros and cons of the different options.
Avery sat with me at the computer while I was looking at some of the different walkers, etc, the other day. I told her that I was trying to find something new for her to walk with that would be better for her than her walker. She said "I think I'd like a new cane because my blue cane is old. I want a pink cane. Dark pink so that it will be red, because red is my favourite colour." Haha, sweet girl :) But somehow I don't think another cane is the solution!

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