Thursday, November 25, 2010


Avery and I started the day with a brisk 3 mile walk! We were going to participate as a family in the Drumstick Dash which raised money for the Rescue Mission, but in the end it was just Avery and me! But it was fun, and it was nice feeling super hungry and deserving of my thanksgiving feast when we sat down to eat this afternoon!
Avery in the stroller, keeping nice and warm with her hat and fancy "snow gloves" that Daddy gave her :)
It was pretty packed! For the first half mile or so it was sort of annoying because people kept on walking right in front of our stroller and I kept on almost running into their ankles. But that got better, and I was mostly able to walk as fast as I wanted to.
Walking along the pretend train track next to the real train track, with a train headed our way. Brogan would have been in heaven :) Avery loved it too, although of course it was rather loud so she had to express her excitement with her hands over her ears :)
Just about to cross the finish line :)
A man in a turkey costume with feathers made out of ties! It was pretty cool :) Avery thought he was great, and she told him all about how we were going to go home and have some warm hot chocolate because she was cold, but first we were going to pet a dog that wasn't barking :) Which we did :) There were lots and lots of dogs on the walk, and according to Avery, most of them loved her gloves :)
Thanksgiving feast at our house with the Symes (and Symes!) and Shabanas. Mmmm, mmm, yummy! Lots and lots of good food, and plenty of leftovers too! It is so nice to be able to share thanksgiving with such fun friends :)
Our super fancy center pieces :) Yesterday the children and I went out into our yard to collect pretty leaves, some of which we drizzled with glue and sprinkled with glitter, then we put them all together in these glass vases. Earlier in the week I helped Avery make 4 turkeys by tracing her hands and feet on construction paper. She's been excitedly and impatiently looking forward to Thanksgiving all week :)
All in all a very fun day!

I'm thankful for good friends and good food.

I'm even more thankful for my sweet little family and the absolutely joy each of them is to me.

I hope all of our American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

I have a couple more pictures to add, but I am too sleepy to do it tonight...check back later ;)

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