Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day!

Brogan wandered into our room at about 6am and lay quietly in our bed for about 2 seconds. Avery had had a bad dream during the night so she was sleeping on a pad on our floor, and when Brogan started making noise she woke up and said "Brogan!! You're waking me up! I need to sleep!" Then I asked her what day it was, and her tone of voice changed completely as she whispered "Christmas!!!" Then she found her "stocking" (I couldn't find them, so we used pillowcases!) filled with presents at the end of her bed, and she didn't mind so much being awake :)
We opened all our stockings in our bed, as tradition dictates :)
Then we went downstairs and ate our delicious breakfast :) And yes, both Avery and Brogan chose Froot Loops...what is is about bright colours that makes children think it tastes better? :)

After breakfast it was time to open the "tree" presents :) The first thing Brogan opened was a package of cars from his Grandma...and that was all he needed :)

Avery got down to serious present opening business :)
Brogan played with his cars :)
Oliver opened his present...

Brogan played with his cars :)
Every now and then we tried to get him to open his other presents, but he just wasn't interested :) The only ones he wanted to open were all the other cars that Santa had put under the tree :)
But then.....we pulled out the big guns....

I love how at first he was worried about Thomas running over the precious cars :)

My favourite part of this one is when he watches Thomas turn and notices that he's facing another car, so he runs over, rescues the car, and hides behind Daddy :D

Time for some marching...

Brogan got a train whistle from Santa too
Avery opening her beautiful blanket from Grandma :) After she admired it, she sighed and said, "...but I'm not big enough for knitting..."

We got Avery a Super Why board game. They both love super why, and I like it because it actually teaches them something. I think it's the reason that Brogan recognised and said several letters of the alphabet before he could even say more than a few words...!

Brogan's frog blanket :)

Then there was a noise downstairs......
This train set was a HIT!!! Especially with Brogan! He was pretty much physically attached to it for the rest of the day! Well, for the next several days..and nights!

The post-present opening chaos in the front room :) hehe
Oliver trying out Brogan's frog blanket...soft and cozy :)
Oh, the cuteness :)
We had woken up to a wonderful unexpected White Christmas (it wasn't supposed to snow until the afternoon), so after a lot of playing with the new toys, and talking to Grandma, Aunt Evey and Uncle Naeem on the phone for a couple of minutes, Avery was ready to go and play in the snow in her new snow bib!
Only Gabe and Avery know what this... creation is, but Avery named it Frosty :)

Snow angel
And where was Brogan during all of this outside fun???
...why, playing with the train track, of course!!!
(Me looking in through the family room window)

The excitement soon became just too much and the little ones were exhausted! So we calmed things down a little and watched Toy Story 3 (a present from Santa) while we waited for dinner to finish cooking.

Brogan couldn't part with his beloved new train even to watch the movie, so he snuggled up with it :)
Then, it was dinner time!
We had planned to get together with some dear friends for Christmas dinner, but they had to cancel because most of them had come down with a horrible stomach bug (We're glad you're feeling better, Doroughs!), so if that ham looks like it enormous for our little family, that's because it is!

The excitement was all overwhelming for my sweet boy - it was hilarious to watch him falling asleep as he ate his garlic bread!
After dinner the children tried out their new bath toys (whistles, drum and xylophone -very fun!) and got changed into fresh pajamas. Then Brogan played with the trains some more (surprise surprise!)
...while Daddy introduced Avery to the Wii!
All in all it was a pretty perfect day! Although poor Brogan's heart almost broke when he had to part with the train track for the night, even though both Thomas and the new Leap Frog train went to bed with him! Avery said it was the best Christmas EVER!!

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Sounds like you all had a great day! Merry Christmas!