Sunday, December 19, 2010


Church Christmas Party!

I think they did a great job with the nativity - very pretty :)
To keep all the children occupied (and involved) during the telling of the Christmas story, they had them all sitting up in front of the stage holding little battery powered candles. I thought that was a nice idea.
Brogan had just poked himself in the eye with his candle.
Here he is using it as a microphone, and Avery is trying to avoid a sword fight with the boy next to her....!

A cute video of them singing on of the songs :) Avery knew all the words, she was so great! Brogan knew none of the words but that didn't stop him from singing :)

It was a fun party with lots of yummy food and good people. Instead of having Santa they had the three wise men giving out a gift to each family, which was a booklet of 24 Christmas themed stories to read every day leading up to Christmas. Again, I thought this was a nice idea :)


David said...

very nice! looks like a great event. i love your countdown!

David said...

oh, and i was 1st!

Talitha said...

It sounds like a lovely idea and that everyone had fun:)