Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Silver Medalist

Avery got 92 votes in the Bubblecake contest, which earned her second place and 4 free cupcakes :) She (and I!) was very excited to go and collect her reward! She even decided the day before what kind of cake everyone was going to get :D

She had decided that she wanted to get a "chocolate and banilla" cake, so it was a good thing that they had these "Black and White" cupcakes in on Saturday when we went! It was exactly what she wanted :) For the first couple of minutes she just licked the frosting like this :) She was a very happy girl!

Once Avery had her cake, she didn't seem to mind so much what the rest of us ordered, which meant that I could get that divine (or perhaps devilish??) Palm Beach Brownie, rather than a peanut butter cake, which Avery had told me to have :) Gabe got the Creme Brulee, and then the fourth was Cheesecake, which Gabe and I took with us on our date that night and shared while we watched True Grit :) (really excellent, until the last 2 minutes, but a little too graphic for my liking in the violent parts...)

This was mine, all mine :) Doesn't it make your mouth water just looking at it????

I shared some of my cake with Brogan (I must really love him!), and I think Gabe shared with him too, but he was actually more interested in the Rody horses and the chalk board. And exploring. And Oliver just sat there looking cute :)
Avery managed to eat her entire giant cupcake all by herself before we left! I was surprised! This from a girl who is almost as "health conscious" as her Daddy! Today when she got hurt I gave her a chocolate chip cookie (my children insist that chocolate is the only thing that makes them feel better when they get hurt....) and she ate half of it and then gave it back to me saying, "I'm done, because this has too much chocolate in it, see?"


Talitha said...

Ha ha, you should know better than to give your daughter too much chocolate in her cookie!
I'm glad that she got at least one cup cake from it - who knows, had she won she might not want all those cup cakes as it would have been too unhealthy! lol

SuzanSayz said...

Someone should open up a really good cupcake bakery where I live. We have a place called "Cupcakes" believe it or not and I went there with high expectations only to have them completely dashed. There were two, count them TWO cupcakes in the whole place and they weren't even as nice as what I could get up the street at the grocery store bakery. Plus the women that own it are absolutely Nasty.
I'm glad that Avery won and was so willing to share!

Kristen said...

Oh wow, I want a cupcake bakery in my town! How fun!!

Diana said...

You have a beautiful family. The kids have grown and we sure miss you on Hamilton Ave. Congratulations to Avery. Cupcakes like that are a pretty nice prize!
I became a grandmother on Dec. 20. A wee girl named Kaybree!