Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Vote for Avery!!!

Avery is currently in third place in a competition to have a cupcake named after her at a local bake shop. Bubblecake Bake Shop is only the best cake shop I've ever been to, and they will create a brand new cupcake for the winner, put it on their menu for the rest of January, and give the winner a free dozen cupcakes. Avery would be so happy if she won, not to mention how much I would enjoy sharing her cupcakes with her ;)
If any of you are on facebook and have a couple of spare minutes sometime today before 2pm EST, would you mind popping on over to bubblecake's facebook page, clicking on "like" and then voting for Avery by liking my comment here? Thank you so much!


David said...

darnit, i didn't see this in time. good luck avery!!

SuzanSayz said...

How sweet. I guess I'm too late too. I will send all my good thoughts out to Avery instead.
It's good to be back btw, and thanks for your kind words Josephine!