Tuesday, February 08, 2011


At the end of January, Gabe turned 30!!

We had yummy coconut cake. (Up until about 30 minute before this, Gabe had had a migraine, so he said he didn't want any pictures taken of him.)
It was delicious cake :)

I had a surprise get together planned, and some of our friends were able to make it! They all showed up at the bowling alley early so that when we arrived they were ready to shout Surprise :) We bowled a couple of games and ate cupcakes, and Gabe had no idea it was coming :) Hooray! After bowling, a few of us went over to the Schwendiman's house and played Apples to Apples too. It was a really fun evening, thanks everyone :)

Yep, top quality photo, I know!! Unfortunately, this was the closest thing to a group photo I remembered to take...oops!


Lisa said...

Welcome to the 30's, Gabe!

Anonymous said...

Happy 30th Gabe!

Angela said...

I hope you have an amazing year Gabe.