Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Unicorn Party, Part 2

The Cakes!
Unicorn horn cupcakes
And the Unicorn Cake!!
Pheobe wanted to get her hands on that cake so badly...!! That, and she didn't appear to know she had a flower sticker on her forehead :)
Avery loved her cake! When I showed it to her when she got home from school on Friday, she gasped and said, "It's beautiful!! Can I eat it now??" Then, whenever one of her party guests arrived, she'd say, "Hooray! Now can we eat my cake??" Also, even though I told her that I decorated it, she was talking about it on Saturday and told me, "When I went to school, the cake aliens came and decorated my cake like a unicorn!" (Also, note the part of the cake missing from the back of the candle cake...Brogan somehow managed to sneak several nibbles as we were getting ready that morning!!)

And what is all this excitement about???

...Daddy's contribution of a happy birthday banner flown by helicopter around the room :)

Avery had to have the horn part of the cake :)

Everything was pretty quiet for a few minutes! I think that was a sign that the cake was rather tasty :)

Daddy flew his helicopter around a little bit more :) 


Anonymous said...

How cool is the cake!

Angela said...

umm...gotta tell you I am a little jealous of the party guests, I want some cake! :)

Josephine said...

Thanks :) The cake was actually super fun to decorate, and I used my FAVOURITE chocolate cake recipe in the whole world, so it was SCRUMPTIOUS!! (If I do say so myself...!!)