Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Unicorn Party, Part 3

This is a happy face :)
Adam gave her a princess purse filled with nail polish!
He liked watching her open it!
A beautiful unicorn from Kayla!
A princess colouring book and a slinky from Sam!
I love all the faces in this photo :) What is it, what is it???
A PIG!!! The story behind this is that a week or so before the party, Michelle asked me what Avery wanted for her birthday, so I asked Avery. She said "Ummmm....I think I'd like a pig toy. For my hand. So I can look like a pig." So I told Michelle this because it was too funny, and Michelle actually managed to find exactly that!!! She was so excited to see it :) hahaha
Another birthday wish come true - Cars toys from Alex and Jack! 
A princess game wand from Luke! She has played with and enjoyed it since the party, but at the time....
...she was more excited about the m&ms she found in the bag!!!
Kayla giving her a hug goodbye :) Such sweet little friends :)
Pretty birthday girl :) With one of her presents from Emma and Anna!! 
Showing off her pretty name necklace from Addie and Callie!
Even after everyone had gone home, Avery still sat right here at the table and played with all her new toys :) 
The unicorn had shoes and a hair brush! Oh happy day :)
A Why Writer!
Birthday loot :) But something's missing...
Brogan is in love :) Even Avery was calling them "Brogan's cars" by the end of the day, even though they are hers! He slept with them that night... :)

Thank you to all of Avery's sweet friends for your thoughtful and super fun gifts!! Avery has discovered that being five is not nearly as bad as she thought it was going to be, because she got a lot of fun new stuff :) haha. Although, we drove past a park on the way to her 5yr check up yesterday, and she said that she wanted to play at a park, and then she sighed and said "But...I'm too big to play at the park now..." So I had to reassure her that she was still little enough for parks :) 
In other news, Avery is 45 inches tall, weighs 42lbs, and we have an estimated ship date of February 23rd for her super cool new wheelchair!!! Wheeeeeeeee!! 


Anonymous said...

Love the photos!

Can't wait for her to receive her wheelchair, how exciting!

Angela said...

So glad Avery likes being five!

Can't wait to see her enjoying her new wheel chair

Josephine said...

I'm really excited about the wheelchair too :)

David said...

looks fun!

Diana said...

You and Gabe are amazing parents. Awesome cake and the helicopter flying around the room, creative!

So glad the wheelchair came through!