Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cute book

Gabe bought a couple of books for Avery a little while ago to help her feel good about the pending arrival of her wheelchair. Susan Laughs is a really cute little book, and I loved Avery's reaction to it! It's all about a little girl called Susan, and all the things she does, like laugh, play, get angry, make jokes, etc, and on the last page you see her sitting in a wheelchair. Of course, the purpose of it is to show that children with disabilities are just like other children. Avery loved all the pictures as we were reading it for the first time, and she kept on laughing or asking questions about the various things that Susan was doing in each picture. When we turned to the last page and she saw the picture of Susan sitting in her wheelchair, Avery asked why she was in a wheelchair, so we talked about the various reasons that could make a wheelchair a necessity, including the reason she was getting one. She listened quietly, and then, as I closed the book, she looked at me and quietly said, "I really loved that book, Mom!"
The wheelchair has continued to be a positive experience for her! Yesterday when she got home from school she told me about how her teachers turned off the lights so that she could show her friends how the front caster wheels light up. I spoke to them on Monday about how I hoped that they could help foster Avery's enthusiasm for her new wheels, so I was pleased to hear that they had been showing excitement about it. I wish I could say as much about Kristen, the school PT. She called me yesterday to "touch base" about the wheelchair, which you may remember she has been against from the beginning. The 3 things she had to say about it were,
  1. The front right caster doesn't tough the ground quite as firmly as it should. We had already noticed this, and it is just a matter of adjusting the angle.
  2. It doesn't have a seat belt.
  3. She saw Avery stepping onto the footrests to climb into it.
That is all very well and fine, but when she has made it quite clear that she didn't want Avery to have a wheelchair in the first place, it just felt as though she was being unnecessarily negative. But again, I can deal with that. The thing that bothered me was that when I asked Avery what Miss Kristen thought of her wheelchair, she sighed and said, "She said it didn't have a seat belt so she couldn't buckle me. And she "No! No!" because I climbed up wrong." Could she not have tried to be a little more positive with Avery?
In other news, I am supposed to be registering Avery for regular kindergarten tomorrow, and the school she is supposed to be going to is probably the last school in Roanoke that I would ever consider sending her to. There's just no way. So we are looking into other options.


Paulette said...

Sorry you have had so much trouble over this. Her chair looks great and if Avery is happy then thats fab. I think it is sad that you have had to fight to get something that Avery needs to be indipendent and safe, I say safe in the way that her body will not have as much extra presure on it, I read your reasons before and they all make excelent sence. stay confident in your own judgents you are a great mum.
love Paulette x

Angela said...

I honestly think that the PT is going to find something wrong with everything you do at this point :( The three things she finds wrong have easy fixes so she just needs to take a breath and realize that you know what is best for your little girl. The book sounds awesome. I am going to get it for a little girl I watch who is in a wheel chair :)

Eveymartine said...

I love your blog and I think you're amazing x