Monday, April 25, 2011

Giant Puddle

A couple of weeks ago we had a big rain storm. It started raining sometime during the night, I think, and by lunch time, our patio was a pond! Water did come in under the door, but luckily it wasn't more than 2 towels could handle, and I ran out and threw down a couple of sand bags to keep the rest out. 
When I showed Avery the puddle through the dining room window, she immediately wanted to go out and play it. The sun had come out by then, and it wasn't raining anymore, but at first I told her she would have to wait til Daddy got home. Then Brogan saw it, and I had two extremely excited little ones, so I changed my mind and took them both outside to play. 
I was so glad that I didn't make them wait til Gabe got home, because by the time he arrived, it was almost gone!! 
They had so much fun!!!  Splashing, and running, and pretending to catch fish, and holding worms, it was great :)
Splash Splash!


Angela said...

Looks like a blast!! Glad it didn't get to wet inside :)

EPDM Coatings said...

Your kids looking so cute playing in rain water, its great that you have block water coming inside.

David said...

holy cow that's a lot of water!

Lisa said...

That looks like every child's dream!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!