Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Claytor Lake, Day 1

This year we have big plans to go camping. A lot. So we kicked off the season with a trip to Claytor Lake State Park! We arrived on Thursday afternoon and, after setting up camp, headed down to the lake to do some fishing!
2011-05-05 005
2011-05-05 008Brogan “helping” Daddy… He really liked the lures. So did Avery.
2011-05-05 013Avery and Brogan wanted to throw rocks in the water most of the time. I wonder why we didn’t catch any fish that day….
2011-05-05 014Pretty lake Smile
2011-05-05 019A duck!
2011-05-05 020Daddy fishing.
2011-05-05 021Oliver being good. As normal.
2011-05-05 027A picture taken by Avery after disaster struck!! Gabe was after one particular fish, and it kept on nibbling the lure but then spitting it back out again. I finally settled down to nurse Oliver, and of course it was about 30 seconds after that that the fish decided to bite again and drag the line under a log, so Gabe was calling for the net and trying to get Brogan and Avery (who had been super excited about catching a fish) involved in the process, and they were refusing to help. Meanwhile, Gabe had jumped into the lake, and then realised that he still had his phone, keys, and wallet in his pocket, and in his efforts to throw them all back onto the shore, the keys hit a rock and fell into the water! So this is him trying to find the keys. And the fish got away…
2011-05-05 033We finally gave up on the keys and headed back to camp. Where we realised that the grill was in the van. All three children enjoyed playing with the gravel, but, of course, everyone was getting pretty hungry as we tried to arrange for someone to come out and break into our van for us! (We had another set of keys inside)
2011-05-05 036We collected wood and Gabe got a fire started with his nifty new flint Smile
2011-05-05 038Eventually, park police came by and got our van opened up, and we were able to get the grill out to cook dinner. Then we realised that we didn’t have the connector for the propane tank, so we couldn’t use the grill!! haha! So we cooked our chicken over the fire, and it was delicious.
2011-05-05 039Chicken, bread, and carrot sticks. Fancy!
2011-05-05 043Then we introduced the children to smores!
2011-05-05 044They approved, but Avery refused to make more the next night because it was too sticky!
By the time we were finished with dinner and smores, Brogan was begging to go to bed!!! Which, if you know Brogan at all, meant that he must have reached exhaustion quite some time ago! It was a cold night, getting down to about 40F, but we survived Smile And we made plenty of mistakes in planning, packing, and execution to learn from!!


Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!

Talitha said...

What a trip! It's the things that go wrong that you can laugh at later and children will always remember - you are building wonderful memories for them:)