Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Welcome Home, Bunny!

Last week we took our monthly trip up to Herndon for therapy on Monday and Tuesday. When we got home on Tuesday night, we realised that Avery’s beloved bunny had been left behind! She was heartbroken, and thought she would never be able to go to sleep (she normally sleeps with it draped over her neck and shoulder). She only finally managed to go to sleep after Gabe promised her that we would ask Aunt Jess to mail it back, and that when it arrived, we would have a “Welcome Home Bunny!” party, and she could invite 3 friends, and make bunny ears, and do fun, bunny stuff! Every night she was heartbroken all over again, so when the bunny arrived in the mail on Saturday afternoon, we knew we had a party to plan! So on Sunday morning, I called the 3 special friends (Kayla, Paisley and Sam) to invite them to Avery’s after-church party.
Since it was a very last minute party, Kayla was the only one of the 3 friends who was able to come, but they had a blast! First things first, they each made a pair of bunny ears to wear, and then they got down to the serious business of swinging while I finished making dinner.
On the menu for the special party – Individual Bunny Pizzas! With pepperoni eyes and mouths Open-mouthed smile The guest of honour sat with Avery, who was the only one still wearing her bunny ears! She wanted me to cut up the pizza for her, until I showed her that she could pull the ears off and eat it with her hands, and she thought that was pretty great! haha


We already had plans to have the missionaries over for dinner that day, so they got to join in the festivities. Whole carrots were the side dish to our bunny pizzas…it seemed appropriate!



After pizza, it was time for dessert, so we headed inside to make bunny cupcakes Smile We had chocolate or vanilla cupcakes, which we took out of their papers, flipped over and covered in frosting. Then we decorated them with chocolate chips, jelly beans, marshmallows and raisins.
Kayla and Avery with their bunny cakes. I had to take the pictures quickly because they were ready to eat Bunny
The menfolk hard at work on their delicious and cute creations Smile

Of course, Brogan (with his face still coated with pizza sauce, and a sweaty head from all the running around and excitement of the party!) was only really interested in eating all the decorations… He didn’t want to deal with all the unnecessary bunny nonsense!!

Elder Hansen with his bunny


Elder Stoker and his cupcake


Gabe decided to rebel against the bunny theme and made some kind of mutant pig instead. I think it looks quite a lot like an Angry Birds pig!

And that was the end of our special “Welcome Home, Bunny!” party! She (and her bunny) went to bed very tired and very happy that night Smile


Lisa said...

That's awesome! You didn't miss a detail :) I especially loved the bunny shaped pizza's!

Syme Family News said...

sorry we had to miss it. It looked great!!! We are so happy bunny is back.