Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dentist and first loose teeth!!

Avery and I had our routine dentist appointments :) The timing worked out perfectly, because on Friday evening when we were getting ready for bed, we noticed that Avery has two loose teeth, and two adult teeth coming in behind!!!! We were so surprised!!! I wasn't expecting loose teeth for at least another year!!!!
 Avery is finding it pretty exciting :) She's looking forward to getting a surprise from the tooth fairy, although when Grandma and Aunt Evey asked her about it (on separate occasions), she condescendingly told them that the tooth fairy isn't real :)

In the waiting room :) She really likes our dental hygienists, and she was very excited to show off her loose teeth! It was my turn first, and as Avery watched, she decided that actually, she doesn't want to be a doctor anymore, because she thinks that being a dentist would be more exciting! So now she wants to be a dentist :) 

The dentist came in to check her teeth too, and he reassured us that we don't need to worry about her grown up teeth coming in behind her baby teeth - he says they should move into the right place after the baby teeth fall out :)
Avery also had her first fluoride treatment, and handled it like a super star :) 
We also discovered that in addition to the two adult incisors, her top two 6 year molars are already in!! I had no idea!

Of course, Brogan wanted to have a turn too! Avery always gets to do the coolest stuff, and he doesn't like being left out ;) So he climbed into the chair, and the hygienist was nice enough to count his teeth for him :) I was super surprised that he actually let her do it, he can be a bit funny with sensory stuff. 
Then we went home happy with our loot bags filled with toothbrushes (Lightening McQueen for Brogan, Princess Tiana for Avery), toothpaste, and little bouncy soccer balls :)


Anonymous said...

Just saying hello- I found your blog (well, the other one, that linked to this one) on a google hydrocephalus search. Hope you don't mind the random add, I have the condition myself. :)

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Avery looks very sweet with her cute smile. And did the hygienist really count the teeth for Brogan. Really interesting... Nice family... Thanks for sharing!

All on Four Dental Implants said...

Your daughter is a superstar & your son is very cute. I enjoyed your blog a lot. I also liked the pictures you updated.

Dentures Chicago said...

Your daughter is very strong. It was good to see that a little kid is not getting afraid by a dentist. Your son seemed very strong too. This can actually become inspirational for those kids who are afraid of dentists. Lovely post…

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Your blog was very interesting and I enjoyed reading it. You have wonderful kids and they are very brave, they had their dental check ups without any problem. They were not afraid of the dentist as most of the kids are afraid of the dentist and it almost a battle for the parents to bring them for a dental check up. I think your kids will be a role model for many kids.