Thursday, June 23, 2011

Girls got Mad Skills

May I present our little speedster, Avery:
2011-06-02 038
Avery has not only developed the strength and coordination necessary to ride a tricycle, she has mastered it!
A current favourite activity for Avery and Brogan is to go out on the tracks Smile They request train tracks and streets to be drawn on our driveway so that they can drive and chuff away and be really useful engines Smile
But Avery will not be tied to the flat driveway alone, she has conquered the path to the front door….
…the slope up into the carport, and even transitioning from the driveway to the grass and back again! (Can you believe I haven’t got a picture of that yet?? Neither can I!)
She is an old pro!
Uh oh, someone’s blocking the track!
I cannot even tell you what a joy it is to watch Avery riding around and easily keeping pace with her peers!!!
She is an absolute super star!!
And she loves it!!
Check out Avery’s mad skills:
It is time to take these skills to the trails! In the next week or so, we'll be taking the family for a ride on the greenway so that Avery can really enjoy her newfound freedom :)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! x

Anonymous said...

I am actually and almost literally astonished - this is simply not supposed to be possible. I'm so very thrilled for Avery and for you, how wonderful. I love the roads and the tracks and Brogan's addition of the fire. If anyone had seen Avery's first attempt to ride a tricycle they, like me, would never have believed such wonderful pictures and footage possible. The boys too are so lovely, brilliant to see them all playing in the sun.

Eveymartine Naeem said...

She really has mastered the trike! Very sophisticated use of the brake!

Love Brogan's fire and him pointing out the fire. When I spoke to him last night he was (apparently - Josephine had to tell me later) pointing out things and telling me their names. "adoa oid goaind oihoniga Train!" "aoind goindong aod ign aoig Mom!" etc :-)

And look at Oliver trying to stand up!

Lovely video and amazing Avery :-) x