Friday, June 10, 2011

Goodbye Preschool!

2011-06-09 019
My baby girl isn’t a baby anymore!
Yesterday was her last day of preschool. Ever!
As she said to me when I picked her up from school, “Mom! Today was the last day of school! Now I’m ready for KINDERGARTEN!!!”

2011-06-09 001
This is what we made for her teachers to say thank you. We planted sunflower seeds in the pots, and decorated them with stickers and glitter, and Avery wrote her name on each pot. Then I used some of my flower hair clips to make little flowers to go in the pots, so that it didn’t look like we were giving them pots of dirt Smile
Avery got playdoh, bubbles and sidewalk chalk from her teachers, and we also got this:
I LOVE this little book! It has pictures of Avery taken throughout the school year, starting with a picture they took at orientation at the beginning of the year (how about that big belly, eh??!). Then there are a few selections of some the work Avery did at school, and her handprints on the last page. I think it is adorable!! Love it!!
I let Avery take the camera to school for her last day so that she could take pictures of her friends. Her are a few of the pictures she took (with the other children’s faces blurred out):
2011-06-09 004 2011-06-09 005
Ms Faddis at her desk.                                   Some of the girls in her class.
2011-06-09 004 2011-06-09 003
Some of the boys in her class.                       Mrs Williams and some friends.
And here are some pictures her teachers took for her Smile
2011-06-09 002 2011-06-09 001
She also got pictures of herself with each of her teachers, which I was really pleased about because she loves all of them Smile
2011-06-09 011 2011-06-09 016
Ms Faddis                                   Mrs Shelton
2011-06-09 012
Mrs Williams
It was a great year Smile
As for kindergarten…. we’re not sure what we’re doing yet. What we do know is that she graduated out of special education (hooray!) because she is considered fully independent with her wheelchair and walker, so she will be in a mainstream classroom, which is both thrilling (for us) and terrifying (for me, not her). We are waiting to see whether she can get into Salem schools as a non-resident, and the other option is homeschooling for the year. We will see….!


Anonymous said...

Wow what a big day!

Hope all goes well with the school plans x

David said...

there is nothing better than the last day of school!

Eveymartine Naeem said...

Wow! That's lovely. She's so grown-up!
I love the pre-school memories book - espeically the picture of the two of you together and pretty in pink. Nice flower in your hair :-)
I also love the drawing she did of herself having a bath - with her body under the bubbles! It's so sweet that they wrote down things that she said about her drawings.

Lovely :-) x

Angela said...

So proud of you Avery!! :) Hope you enjoy your summer!

Josephine- I am proud of you too! You are such a great mom and have done such a great job of speaking up for Avery and her needs.

Love you guys!