Sunday, June 26, 2011


On Friday Avery had her routine appointment with her ophthalmologist, Dr Facciani. In the van on the way there, she made him some cards, including one which said "Avery loves Dr Facciani" Cute girl :)
As usual, she wore funny glasses...

...and funny patches

She was pretty cooperative during her exam.

As soon as she was done, Brogan hopped up into the chair and said, "My turn!"
Then we waited for the doctor.

Brogan watching Cars in Oliver's carseat :)

Oliver is very talented when it comes to making mess with his food. Here he is snacking on chocolate teddy grahams and goldfish, but this is pretty much standard for every meal and snack. We have to wash his hands, arms, face, neck, ears, hair and thighs after every meal!!

Brogan was still hoping to have a turn, so he sat in the chair while Avery continued her exam in her wheelchair :)

It was time for a dilated exam again, and Avery was super brave as she had the eyedrops put in! She wasn't happy about it, as you can tell by her tense posture and her hands up on her face, but she didn't cry or fight. I was very proud of her :)

Playing as we waited for the eye drops to do their job.

Being a good girl during her in-depth examination.
2.5 hours after arriving, we were done. Phew! 
Everything was pretty much the same. Mostly. He still doesn't think she has any depth perception. Her vision is stable, but he referred us to a low vision specialist. We'll be seeing him (Dr Scothorn) in August. We still need to be patching every day. I find it harder and harder to patch her. Not because she fights or resists it, just because I don't like doing it. But it has to be done.
The biggest news of the appointment is that we get to cross one diagnosis off Avery's list! He says that he is 99.9% sure that she actually doesn't have optic nerve hypoplasia afterall! He says that her optic nerves are pale, but that it actually doesn't look like hypoplasia. :)


Michelle said...

Great news on they hypoplasia! We were sitting in that same chair with Dr. Facciani last week. We really do like him. He's one of the few local docs that we like enough to see rather than driving to Duke. And Owen loves him and his lights :-) Avery was much braver than Owen was with the drops!

Josephine said...

We like him too. And that's even after he was wrong about Avery's diagnosis when she was still tiny! I asked for a second opinion, and he was super nice about it :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I don't think patching would be much fun at all for either of you but great to hear one less diagnosis off the list with the hypoplasia.