Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Baby

I think Oliver has been a little neglected on my blog, so here is a little post to show you what a sweet-natured, happy little boy he is :)
And he's getting so big!! He's cruising all over the place now, and climbing up the stairs, and playing in the toilet if I ever forget to close the lid.....!! 
He LOVES the water!! For a while, Avery and Brogan would refuse to share a bath with him, because he would just sit there and splash and splash and SPLASH!!

Getting into mischief...

He is sweetness!


Kristen said...

I'm smiling. Oliver's got me thinking on the things that soon Kobe will bring to our house. :)

Michelle said...

Seriously, he is just the cutest thing ever - and so determined! He was gonna make it all the way to that pool even if it was in California!

Josephine said...

Haha, Michelle, that was pretty funny wasn't it?! He was gunning it down there :) Kristen, you've got fun times ahead of you :)